Krysta and David | Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado Surprise Proposal Photographer

This weekend was something magical! We had the honor of being a part of Krysta and David’s surprise proposal in Rocky Mountain National Park! These two are just the sweetest couple, and we learned quickly that David was willing to do whatever it took to make this moment perfect for Krysta. When I first chatted with David, he had a few ideas of how he wanted to ask the love of his life to marry him, but all the ideas revolved around their camping trip to RMNP for the weekend. With poor weather earlier in the week, we were all a little nervous for what might happen on Saturday afternoon (thanks for the unnecessary worrying, Colorado!). Nevertheless, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and David’s heart was racing as they made their way around Sprague Lake to a picnic set up by the lake.

Mike quickly climbed a nearby tree to get this amazing event and when I saw them coming I yelled, “THERE ARE FISH IN THE WATER!”, our code for “THEY’RE COMING!!!!!!!!” We get so excited for this moment in couples lives and are honored to be a part of it. When they arrived, Krysta said, “Let’s just sit on this bench here,” while David struggled to get her to walk to the picnic he had us prepare of the two of them. As they walked she thought someone was doing just that…having a picnic. It was only seconds until she realized that the photos in the frames were of the two of them and that something incredible was about it happen! You can imagine what happened next, so we’ll let you enjoy the photos and let them tell the rest of the story. A huge congratulations to you, David and Krysta! We are so honored to have been there with you when your life changed in just a few seconds. Thank you for letting us capture your story!

Mike and Tay

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• How did the two of you meet? “I moved to California in June 2013 to start my first travel nurse assignment. After six months at Stanford Hospital, I loved everything about the hospital and the surrounding area so I decided to stay as a permanent nurse. The timing was perfect; I had enough time to fly home for the Christmas and make it back before my full-time position started at Stanford. I sent a Facebook message to David and asked him for his phone number and we ended up catching up and talking about where our lives had taken us over the last few years. I invited him to a get-together with some of my friends while I was back home and was surprised that he actually showed up! We ended up talking and hanging out the whole time I was back over the holidays.”

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“I went back to California thinking it would be hard to start a relationship since he was living in Minneapolis pursuing his MBA in Finance while I was living in in Santa Clara and working at Stanford Hospital. Shockingly enough, we ended up talking almost every day and visited each other a few times over the next year. In March of 2015, David went on a trip to Mexico with his younger sister and we spoke on the phone the night he got back. At one point in the conversation, he asked me where I thought our relationship might be headed because he was starting to think that he was falling in love with me. The rest is history.” -Krysta

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• Tell us about the proposal from your eyes! “David and I decided to plan a weekend getaway to go camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. We went to Estes Park the prior weekend to meet David’s aunt and uncle, Pam and Clark. We had such a great day with them; touring the Stanley Hotel, riding the Aerial Tramway to Prospect Mountain, and visiting the Estes Park Brewery. Afterwards, David and I drove to our campsite so David could “make sure everything would fit at the campsite.” We were so excited for our first camping trip together but were a bit nervous that there was quite a bit of rain in the forecast. David got off of work early on Friday and we arrived to our campsite just as the skies were clearing.”

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“We woke up Saturday to clear blue skies and beautiful weather. David made me breakfast over the fire before a great 13 mile hike alongside Alpine Lakes and scenic vistas. We had such a great day hiking and laughing together. Once back at our campsite, we changed out of our sweaty hiking gear started to make our way to Sprague Lake to watch the sunset over a glass of wine. The sunset was as perfect as the sunrise earlier in the day with clear blue skies. As we were walking around the lake, we noticed a bride and groom taking their wedding pictures. We congratulated them as we passed and were approaching a clearing where it looked like someone was having a picnic. As we got a bit closer, I sat down on a bench to rest my legs after a long day hiking.”

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“David, acting somewhat strange, took my hand and started leading me up a small hill to the picnic area. I was so confused because as we were walking, I saw a photographer moving from behind a rock. I looked at David and said, “Dave, move! There’s a photographer who’s trying to take that bride and groom’s picture!” He just smiled and kept leading me up the hill. We reached the area where the blanket was laid out and I noticed that it wasn’t a picnic at all; it was pictures of us, candles, roses, champagne and champagne flutes that had been engraved with our names, date, and location. David got down on one knee and asked me to marry him as Taylor and Mike, our fantastic husband and wife photography team, captured the best moment of our life!” -Krysta

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Michele with one L

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How totally, TOTALLY, awesome!!! What FUN pictures and they are just beautiful in detail work!

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