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There was so much about this wonderful couples wedding day that we just loved. From the moment we met Sarah and Chris over beers last summer and heard their amazing story of how they met we knew we wanted to be apart of their story. These two met when Sarah got a job in Colorado and had to move across the country and find a place to live…ASAP! She met her roommate (Chris) through a mutual coworker and…well, you can probably guess the rest of the story!

When we showed up at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs, we knew we were in for a treat. It had been storming all day long leading up to our arrival at the ceremony site (we totally wish we could offer rain insurance to our couples in our contract, because we have magical powers when it comes to rain during weddings!) When we found Sarah getting ready in her room, we were immediately greeted with hugs and tears. Now, this gal swears she isn’t emotional, but her and Chris’ wedding day was a different story. I don’t think we’ve ever met another couple who truly wears their hearts on their sleeves. You don’t have to spend more than 2 minutes with Sarah and Chris to know what they’re all about, that they love you, and that they are two of the happiest humans alive!

Their wedding ceremony was filled with dancing, stolen kisses (or attempted stealing before their first kiss), lots of laughter, and lots of tears. Not to mention that backdrop (are you kidding?!) And their reception followed suit with tons of laughter and tears, amazing toasts from family and friends, as well as incredible dance moves. We couldn’t be more honored to have spent this amazing wedding day with such a genuine couple who spent 9 years together before they tied the knot. Thank you two so much for having us be there with you as you said, “We do!”

Mike and Tay

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• How did the two of you meet? “I (Sarah) was living in Maine, I got a job in CO and only had 3 weeks to pack up my life and move 2/3 the way across country. I did not have any time to find a place to live. My boss at the time told me he knew some friends in CO that knew someone looking for a roommate. After a little MySpace stalking and a few phone conversations we were roommates.”


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• When did you know you wanted to marry each other? “We started to talk about it after being together for 3 years but i would say after we decided to get a dog together we knew.”


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• If you could pick one word to describe your ceremony what would it be? “Us.”


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• How did Chris propose? “We had had the most wonderful day. We were with my oldest closest friend, Amanda, we had played disk golf, went to our favorite Indian food restaurant and after dinner, we were heading to the movies. Dinner was finished and I had went to the restroom. When I got back Chris asked me how long we had been together, I said 8 years, he pulled a napkin off the table and said “Well it is about time then don’t you think?


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• What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day? “When we met at the alter and almost kissed…haha!”


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• What is a fun quirk you love about the other? “We are both huge dorks.”


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• What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now? “Make sure you have plenty of time and enjoy every minute!”

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Venue and Catering :: Garden of the Gods
Day of Coordination and Flowers :: Prive Events
Hair :: Alaina Nibblet
Makeup :: Kim J Beauty
Officiant :: Rev. Calvin Wulf – A Bridal Blessing
Bride’s Dress :: Little White Dress
Groom’s Tux :: Suit Supply
DJ :: Bert Redel
Band :: 6 Million Dollar Band
Cupcakes :: Nomélie Cupcakes

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Wow, incredible images! I love how you’ve captured the emotions throughout the day. So beautiful!

The behind the scenes shot and the peek-a-boo deer, I love your sense of humor, I imagine this couple had a blast working with you! Not to mention the gorgeous photos they get to treasure.

Ahhh these are beautiful! I always love your reception photos! You so capture the sweetest expressions!

So many great shots on this one! Love the dad seeing her, the deer, the couples portraits and details of ceremony! Beautiful job!

Your work is so consistently on point! You capture the details and the emotion of the day so well. Also, I love the headings on your blog posts with the twinkle lights.

Such a sweet wedding! And you nailed it, like always.

Your tones and colors are yummy!!! Beautiful location and wedding, and you captured it flawlessly! Nailed it!

More then once I got sentimental reading their story! But the photography brought things to life! Amazing!

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