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One of our favorite parts of our career as wedding photographers are the friendships we make with our couples after their wedding day festivities have settled. When I was thinking about what I wanted to say in this blog about this truly phenomenal couple, I honestly didn’t know where to start. Kristin and David’s story is one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve had the honor of being a part of. They met in preschool and dated in high school. When distance separated them in college, they moved on with their lives (or so they thought) until a fateful day when they reconnected in San Francisco. On top of an incredible love story, these two are easily the most genuine, sincere, and loving couple. From the first time we met them, we knew we had a friendship brewing and are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend Kristin and David’s wedding day with them as photographers and friends. We’ll let them tell you the rest of their love story, but just had to squeeze in how much we adore these two and wish them the best marriage! Congratulations you two!

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“Will you go to prom with me? A high school romance turned to wedding bells after David first laid eyes on Kristin during passing period at Arapahoe High School. The two high school sweethearts were Warrior basketball players and would cross paths between practice. One evening, David’s basketball practice was over and it was the girls turn to take the court. David rebounded Kristin’s ball and said he needed her number to call her and take her out. She laughed because she thought he would need a pen and paper to jot it down and he said,”For you, I’ll memorize it.” She smiled and said,”Only once I’ll say it”. She gave David her phone number, not knowing if he would remember it or not.

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“Sure enough, he did remember her number and after a few dates he decided to ask her to senior prom. Perfect opportunity to be dressed to the nines and meet the parents for the first time. Her parents adored him as much as his own. Her father was a tough pass to cross and David won him over quickly with his athletic and academic achievements and he could see David’s love for her. Before the night was over they knew it was fate.”


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“Summer love flew by in a breeze and before they knew it they were headed in opposite directions for college. They decided to go their separate ways and pray there was a chance in their future.”

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“Kristin went on to be a registered nurse while David graduated with a chemical engineering degree. Years had passed with out seeing or talking to one another. Kristin was visiting a friend in San Francisco and learned that David had moved there after college for work. She called him and asked if he wanted to meet her and her friend for a drink. David had just had surgery on his knee but couldn’t miss this opportunity to see his long lost love again. With a beer and his crutches he stood to greet her at the bar called Butter. Before the night was over David got a cab for Kristin but making it clear that he must see her again before she leaves for Denver. She agreed and met him for lunch where they shared their stories, hopes and dreams. He shared with her that not a day had gone by that he didn’t think of their adventures and her smile. Kristin went back to Colorado and David continued to show his love for her. They knew this relationship would be difficult unless one of them moved. Kristin applied to a job in San Francisco and before they knew it they were finally in the same city and in love.”


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After being in San Francisco for a couple years David decided to plan a romantic vacation for the two of them in San Diego. He reserved a sun set sail cruise for the two of them where he proposed at the bow of the boat. He said,”You are my best friend, my love, and I could not imagine a day in my life with out you. Will you marry me?” “Yes!” They celebrated with a bottle of champagne and took in the beautiful day as it would be one to remember forever and ever.”

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• If you could describe your ceremony in three words, what would they be? “Intimate, funny and beautiful; three words we would use to describe our ceremony. Jeff, Davids grandfather, was ordained and he did a fabulous job making the congregation feel a part of our family.”


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Bride and groom portraits at Highlands Ranch Mansion wedding


• What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day? “The wedding was full of extraordinary memories  and we both agree that the few moments alone were the most memorable. Besides our first look at the gate of to the mansion before the wedding we will never forget the moment after the ceremony. We took a few photos with our photographers, Taylor (and Mike) and videographers, Adam (and John) while the sun began to set and a few horses came to visit us from the nearby ranch. The sun was setting, we just were pronounced husband and wife and nature came to us like it could sense our happiness.”


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• What made you choose the Highlands Ranch Mansion for your wedding day? “When looking for a venue we wanted something beautiful and convenient for guests. The Highlands Ranch Mansion fit this perfectly. It’s a hidden gem with gorgeous views of the mountains in the middle of suburbia. We couldn’t have found a more perfect venue.”

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• What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now? “Our advise to other couples getting married would be don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not about the details but the marriage between you and your significant other and the friends and family there to celebrate with you. The memories that you will forever treasure are those photos and videos. Finding Adam and Taylor were two of our most valued investments and we would advise you find someone that you not only like their work but could consider a friend.”


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Venue :: Highlands Ranch Mansion
Caterer :: Relish
Brides Dress :: Pronovias
Alterations :: Christine Hoyt
Makeup/ Hair :: Salon Joa by Joa and Raya
Hair: Lo Hendricks
Florist: The Flower House by Amy Keating
Videographer :: Aflatis Films by Adam Bradley
Men’s suites: Men’s Wearhouse
Day of planner :: Julie Gambrell
DJ :: Greg Garman
Hotel :: Inverness

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    Once again stunning Taylor! Captured the day beautifully. Love her dress!

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