Gorrono Ranch

If you’re looking to get away to one of Colorado’s most pristine and exclusive mountain towns, Telluride is likely at the top of your list. Being a six hour drive or one hour flight from Denver, the lusted after Gorrono Ranch is without a doubt, one of the most magical places to say your vows in Colorado. What used to be a sheep ranch is now a restaurant and wedding venue all year round. Perched on the ski resort boasting views of the San Juan mountain range is surely a landscape you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There are a lot of reasons we love this venue, but one of the biggest reasons might shock you. The intimacy and stillness at Gorrono Ranch is indescribable. Guests cannot drive to the venue, so there are virtually no cars to disturb those stunning views. Along with that, there’s no town, traffic, or pedestrian noise. Simply you and your guests. At night, after the sun goes down, you can go outside and sit by the fire to enjoy the spectacular views of the Milky Way. The deck where your ceremony is held soaks up the sunshine and points towards the mountains, giving your guests the perfect backdrop for your wedding vows.

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Sunset at Gorrono Ranch Telluride wedding photographer


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