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Shooting family members seriously brings us true joy. Knowing our loved ones trust us with the most special and intimate day of their lives takes our confidence and pride in what we do to an entirely different level. When we found out Caleb had proposed to Brenda, we were absolutely elated! This man has been prayed for and anxiously awaited for to be welcomed into Brenda’s life, and when he finally came, there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt these two were meant to be together. Their genuine joy and excitement of being together is undeniable and quite honestly, they made our job  of shooting their engagement photos super easy. We just waited for one of them to crack a joke and BOOM! We had the shot we were waiting for. We are so excited to be a part of this time in your lives, Brenda and Caleb, and we can’t wait for your big day next summer!

Love you!
Mike and Tay

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How did you two meet? “We met the way all fairy tale characters meet before their “happily ever after”!  The good ol’ fashion way… Online, on!”

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When did you know that you wanted to marry each other? Caleb : “I believe it’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment in time that I realized I wanted to marry my best friend.  It is a combination of monumental moments that makes this realization come to focus.  It’s the moments that surprised me the most such as the times she showed her patience, determination and the unconditional love she displayed towards me and my life goals.”
Brenda : “It wasn’t really an exact moment for me but I knew on our first date that Caleb was someone special.  We say we have “I love you moments” where our love deepened and our relationship grew and I think it was a culmination of those times that showed me that I couldn’t see my life without him.”

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How did Caleb propose? Brenda : “I’m a teacher and Caleb proposed at the end of our summer school session! He had my principal in on it for months! My boss asked me to come to his office and we were talking about our summer plans.  Then he handed me a note that said “This meeting has nothing to do with why you’re here.  Take this flashlight and go to the gym.”  When I walked into the dark gym, our song was playing and candles and rose petals scattered the room. There were tables set up with pictures and beautifully written memories that led around a corner to him on one knee! It was absolutely breath taking!”

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What is your favorite quirk about the other? Brenda :  “His quick sense of humor.” Caleb : ” Her ability to consistently surprise me in the sense of humor she displays.”

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What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? Brenda: “That’s easy! Being married to Caleb at the end of it all!”
Caleb : “It’s as simple as finally being married to my best friend and sharing every waking moment together.  I am turning a new page in this chapter of my life and I couldn’t be more ready!”

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That ring shot is to die for! Love them all!

Yes love the shots with the rain!

Well, those rain shots just about killed me with how romantic they are!

Such a sweet proposal! Love all the pretty lake shots!

ohhhhh rain photos! These are so cool! I love the ones by the water and the last image is so COOL!

What a sweet couple! Beautiful work and STUNNING ring!

I love that you captured the rain shots! The dog is amazing in every photo. My favorite has to be the black and white shot with the lake reflecting the trees. Beautiful.

Brenda and Caleb, you are so handsome/beautiful — not only in a physically but inside, too. Your photos showed that warm, sensitive side of you both in such a wonderful way! I love them all, but the photo of you running through the grass with the lake behind you shows your true love, caring and fun-loving spirits! And Aspen did her part so well, too! You both are so very special to me.

What an amazing photo shoot you did, Taylor and Mike. You both are so incredibly talented and capture not just “pictures” as so many photographers, but the feeling of life’s special moments in the most amazing way. Can’t wait to see you both again at the wedding…if not before!

Thank you, Aunt Sandy! Love you and can’t wait to see you at the wedding!

What beautiful photos! Looks like a great couple at a gray location! So special!

What a sweet looking couple!We have loved Brenda for years,can’t wait to add Caleb to our family…Best wishes mama Drane

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