Emerald and Gold Styled St. Patricks Day Irish Winter Wedding Deer Creek Valley Ranch Mountain Wedding Photographer

Colorado winter wedding photographer

For the last few months I’ve been so excited to organize and shoot a styled wedding. When Lindsey at Deer Creek Valley Ranch and Brittany from Prive Events and I all got together for breakfast one morning, we did a ton of brainstorming and decided to do a winter styled shoot! Now, I’ve been recently obsessed with emerald green and gold and really wanted to incorporate it into the theme of our styled shoot, so we decided to time it perfectly with St. Patricks Day! From glitter doughnuts, to fresh mint topping the mint juleps, to the incredible backdrop of the ranch, to the impeccable attention to detail with the flowers and hair and makeup, and come on, that ring, this shoot was easily one of our all time favorites! A huge THANK YOU and shout-out goes to all of our vendors and the incredible models, Jenny and Chris, who were recently married last year and we had the honor of working with.

Taylor and Mike

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VENUE :: Lindsey Marsh // Event Coordinator // Deer Creek Valley Ranch

1. When and why did you start your business? Did someone inspire you to pursue your dream?
“I have worked with weddings in the hospitality industry for years. This past May, I had the opportunity to take on a more hands on role in the wedding industry as the Manager of Deer Creek Valley Ranch. I just love working with couples and helping them bring the vision of their special day to life!”
2. What is your favorite part of Colorado weddings?
“My favorite part of Colorado weddings is the scenery! Working for a venue that really showcases the history and beauty of Colorado is a lot of fun for me. I love telling couples and guests about the history of the ranch and seeing their expression when they see the scenery here for the first time.”
3. Who is your ideal bride / couple?
“Our ideal couple is one that wishes to create a genuine Colorado experience for their guests in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.”
4. What was your favorite part of this styled winter shoot?
“My favorite part of this styled photo shoot was having the opportunity to collaborate with some very talented event professionals. Working with them to plan and share ideas and then seeing our vision come to life was such a fun experience!”
5. Tell us something quirky about yourself that makes you awesome?
“Well.. I don’t know if it’s ‘quirky’ but I love hiking and camping. I spend a lot of my off time in the mountains hiking, usually with my Siberian Husky. I just cannot do enough exploring in the mountains!”
6. What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?
“Work with a team of event professionals that are truly passionate about what they do. Hiring great people to work with will help ease the stress of planning and make it so you really enjoy the day!”

DESIGN, FLOWERS, PLANNING :: Brittany Tolibas and Suzanne Healy // Wedding Planning, design, and floral // Prive Events
HAIR & MAKEUP :: Amanda Dinkel and Alexi Bautista // Hair and Makeup Specialists // Elegance by Design

DESSERT BAR :: Jenny Mears // Owner and Opperator // Perfect Serendipity Cupcakery & Sweet Shop

1. When and why did you start your business? Did someone inspire you to pursue your dream?
“Business was started in 2010 part time.  In 2016 we have just recently begun full time.  Growing up in the south I have always loved baking.  I decided to bring a taste of the south to Colorado because I missed the vast amount of bakeries out east and felt Colorado needed something that not only looked pretty but also tasted delicious too.”
2. What is your favorite part of Colorado weddings?
“My favorite thing about Colorado weddings is the people you meet.  I’ve met so many amazing couples and vendors that are incredibly talented and truly put their whole heart into making a couple’s big day be the best day they’ve ever had.”
3. Who is your ideal bride / couple?
“My ideal bride/couple are people who are truly real.  Which is what I’ve honestly found in Colorado.  I love to see people that treat each other like they are each others world, and even after “I do” is spoken and the excitement from the wedding is far over, you just know those vows lasted a lifetime and you took part in that once in a lifetime day.”

4. What was your favorite part of this styled winter shoot?

“That would take me back to question 2 😉  It really is the people I meet.  I’ve met the most amazing people in this business.  I think what also makes this industry’s people so dedicated and wonderful is that they are doing what they love.  Recently stepping away from Corporate America, I can honestly say I am the happiest I’ve ever been doing what I know I was meant to do.”
5. Tell us something quirky about yourself that makes you awesome?
“I call myself a food fluffer.  Not only do I enjoy baking I love making food and entertaining.  I like to make all food look pretty.  I love pretty food, pretty baked goods, and all things pretty.  I am a girly girl at heart.”
6. What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?
“My advice for couples planning their wedding now is to try to remember why you are getting married.  Sometimes you get lost in the planning and there is so much advice coming from all different directions.  Don’t lose sight of each other and what you both want and why you fell in love.”

BRIDE’S DRESS :: Anna Be Bridal
INVITATION DESIGN :: Taylor Fisher // Photographer and Designer // Taylor Jones Photography

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