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Watching couples come together to begin their family is truly an incredible time that we cherish witnessing as photographers. However, watching families come together is a whole other level of intimacy, excitement, and joy! Gene and Rachelle met while he was dating one of her girlfriends a few years ago. Their friendship lasted through the years and eventually turned into a beautiful relationship! Kenslie, Rachelle’s free spirited, sassy, and just plain adorable daughter, was born just before they began dating and Gene’s fur-baby, Kula, are the two pieces to complete this sweet family getting married this fall! Watching the dynamics of everyone together at their engagement shoot in Evergreen, despite the freezing temperatures, was so heartwarming and endearing to see. We are so excited to be apart of your journey to marriage, Rachelle and Gene! Be sure to read their wonderful story at the end of the blog!



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  1. How did you two meet?
    “Goodness, what a long story ours is…..so we originally met in 2007. Gene met my friend Whitney (who is also one of my bridesmaids) out downtown one night and they started dating. I met him a few weeks later and we became friends, as obviously he was dating my friend. Whitney and Gene didn’t date too long, but still remained in close contact. Gene went to Afghanistan to work for a year in 2008-2009 and when he came back, I was dating Kenslie’s dad. He and I broke up when she was 1. Right about the time that Kenslie’s dad and I broke up, it just happened that I was spending more time with some good friends, and Gene always happened to be there. We were playing kickball that summer (2012) and they always put on a “flip-flop ball” and we all decided to go. Gene told me that night about his feelings for me and I was shocked, as I had never thought of him as anything more than a friend. But, after he told me, and after I spoke with Whitney to get the ok, he and I started dating. We dated on and off as the timing was never great. But, at Whitney’s wedding in June 2015, we were both there, the timing was perfect, and we definitely knew that we were meant to be 🙂  SO that’s a very long answer to the “how we met” question! But its all important info.”
  2. What did you do for your first date?
    “We were also talking about our “first date” yesterday, and honestly neither of us can fully remember which was our actual first date. I would just say the “flip-flop ball” would be a good starting point for our relationship.”
  3. How did Gene propose?
    “Gene proposed on a casual Sunday. We were watching the Broncos game at home (the one where they beat the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl, and Gene hates the Broncos too by the way, so this was a painful game for him to watch) and Kenslie kept saying that she was bored and wanted a brother or sister to play with. Gene then said “Well, your mom and I need to get married first before you can have a brother or sister”. She goes “Well, yeah…” in her true sassy-ness! He then asked her to go back in to our room and they talked about if it was ok to get married, and then they both came out and she was the one who handed me the ring. She goes, “Here mom” and Gene got down on one knee. It was really sweet and perfect for “us”.”
  4. What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
    “I think what we are the most excited about is being able to join our lives together with all of our family and friends there. We are hoping for a very intimate and personal wedding, so we are excited that those closest to us will be able to join in our celebration and excitement.”
  5. What is your favorite quirk about each other?
    “Gene said his favorite quirk about me is how SUPER organized I am. And my favorite is how he has to re-fold the towels after I just folded them as they have to be just-so.”

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Such a cute story! Love the photos of the 3 (and 4) of them! And the ones of just the two of them in the trees! Lovely photos!

Awesome family–I love that they brought everyone to their session!

What a nice variety of photos. I LOVE the one where he is kissing her forehead – so sweet!

Adorable session, love the silly faces!

That little girl is the cutest!! I love how relaxed and natural their connection is. Such a beautiful session.

The little girl totally stole the show! She rocked this photoshoot! Haha!

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