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Celebrating your 10 year anniversary by tying the knot is a pretty incredible way to spend a decade together! However, their wedding day made those ten years worth the wait! Kaycee and Brandon met in high school and their story is one for the books. Brandon proposed while in Costa Rica and completely caught her off guard as she was searching for seashells. Their wedding day was filled with so many pieces of their hearts, their family and friends, and those they have lost over the years. We are so honored that you two had us be there to capture it all with you! Much love and excitement for your awesome marriage!

Taylor and Mike

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From the bride:

• How did you two meet?
“Brandon and I went to high school together. Knew each other through friends and started dating 10 years ago 2/20/06/”

• When did you know you were going to marry each other?
“I knew I was going to marry Brandon like a year into our relationship but for him, well I’m not sure, I just know he took his time asking me, haha!”

• How did Brandon propose?
“Brandon proposed to me on the beach in Costa Rica during sun rise. I had no idea, I was looking for sea shells.”

• What is your favorite quirk about the other?
“My favorite thing about Brandon is that he is always happy and he also makes me happy I can never be mad at him! Brandon’s favorite thing about me is that I’m a trouble maker. I like to push his buttons!”

• What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?
“My best advise for anyone planning is if you don’t want to stress, go to the beach but if you can stick out the tough parts it will be the best day of your life.”

• How did you chose Deer Creek Valley Ranch for your venue?
“We chose the ranch before we even knew we want to get married. But we wanted the ranch as our home, then I found out it was a venue so the next best thing is your wedding day!”

• What is your most memorable moment from your wedding day?
“I think my most memorable moment was seeing Brandon. Everything was perfect after that. Brandon’s most memorable moment was our first dance!!”