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Travis and Chelsea Coe | The Chapel at Beaver Creek and The Donovan Pavilion Wedding | Vail Colorado Photographer

Fall wedding Vail Colorado the Chapel at Beaver Creek Photographer

We are just so excited to share this amazing wedding with you guys! From the beginning our our relationship, Chelsea and Travis have been two of the most endearing, charming, and sweet couples. The first time we met them was for beers in downtown Denver. Travis walked in on crutches and as we chatted, we learned he had just broken his leg mountain biking in Moab (one of our favorite places). The way Chelsea looked at him and how they talked about the other, we knew immediately that we not only wanted to be a part of their wonderful mountain wedding in Vail, Colorado, but that they were two people we wanted to be friends with!

Their mountain wedding this fall was nothing short of amazing. It was only fitting that they return to the town that Travis proposed to Chelsea just the year before. The aspens had peaked when they had their emotional ceremony at the Chapel at Beaver Creek and their reception at the Donovan Pavillon. These two were game for doing anything, including walking along the river and cuddling by the campfire <3 We are so excited to have been a part of this amazing adventure with you two! Thank you so much for having us there with you and a huge congratulations as you enter into marriage! Love you guys!

Mike and Tay

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  • How did the two of you meet? “Freshman year of high school – we had a civics class together. We got to know each other as classmates and our friendship grew from there.”

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  • Tell us about your first date! “Our first official date was a Tim McGraw concert – fancy, I know! The summer Travis and I started hanging out as “more than friends,” we really bonded over a love for country music. We’d spend almost every day together and with our group of friends, blasting country music and drinking beers by a local pond. We realized that Tim was a mutually favorite artist and when he came to Denver that summer, Travis bought tickets for just the two of us. We especially loved the song “Felt Good on My Lips” and sang and danced our hearts out through the whole show. When Travis purchased my engagement ring, that very song started playing over the jeweler’s speakers as he walked out the door. He swears it was a sign.”

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  • When did you know you wanted to marry each other? “I knew I wanted to marry Travis when I could look back on the various life stages we’d been through together. I think it’s so important to be able to grow together and when love remains through those stages, you know it’s true. From high school friends, to college sweethearts and young, engaged professionals, we always encouraged each other to grow and learn and become the people we are meant to be. My feelings never changed about him and I realized that I didn’t want to continue through life without him. When I studied abroad in Australia, I spent six months on opposite side of the earth as Chelsea, experiencing new cultures, people and worlds. It’s really eye-opening to travel that way. And while I was grateful for those experiences, it made me realize how much I needed her and that I couldn’t be without her. Everything I saw, I wish she was seeing it with me.”

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  • If you could pick one word to describe your ceremony what would it be? “Full. I know that sounds kind of strange, but those 45 minutes where so full of anticipation, excitement, love, happiness and some laughter. There was a charge to it, an energy. That church was full of love from friends and family that traveled to see us and surround us in it.”

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  • How did Travis propose? “We’d been dating for four years and planned a weekend getaway to Vail to celebrate. The week before, Travis had lunch with my dad and asked for his blessing. With my dad’s approval, he purchased the ring he’d been eyeing and packed it in his suitcase.Travis insisted that we make it to the top of Vail Mountain before dinner and we rode the gondola up. It was COLD and I’d been rushed out of a nap, so I wasn’t exactly pleased with his insistence on finding “the perfect spot” to sit and open a “surprise.” I was slightly suspicious but he gave in to telling me that he’d brought up one of my favorite beers – Cherry Kriek by Strange Brewing Co. in Denver – that he wanted to open in celebration of our weekend.He made me turn around and I thought he was pouring drinks, but when I looked over my shoulder, he was down on one knee. He delivered the sweetest speech and I didn’t hear a single word of it, my mind was racing too fast and I was in complete disbelief. He even had to prompt me to say yes, since I couldn’t get the words out. I cried quite a bit – I was caught very emotionally off-guard! – and he was a little teary too. I made him repeat his speech so I could actually appreciate what he’d prepared.”

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  • What is a fun quirk you love about the other?
    Chelsea : “Travis is SO chatty in the morning. That’s definitely when he has the most energy. He’s like a little kid, just bouncing off the walls, ready to start the day. He can be so goofy and I love it.”
    Travis : “When Chelsea eats something that she really enjoys, she will do two things: a happy dance while eating and tell you how happy she is. Nothing puts Chelsea in a great mood like some good food.”

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  • How did you choose the Donovan Pavilion for your wedding? “I have a really large, Catholic Irish family. Like, REALLY big. And we had a good idea that most people would travel to help us celebrate, so we wanted a reception venue that would comfortably accommodate all those people and still reflect who Travis and I are and how we love to spend our time. I will admit, I wanted to show off our state a little. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year and the Donovan is the perfect resemblance of a mountain lodge. It was just the right fit for us.”

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  • What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now? “You put so much time and effort into planning a wedding and then it’s over in a blink of an eye. You’re left with a marriage that lasts forever. Focus less on the little details and more about what you’re going to end up with. The health of your relationship is the most important part!”

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  • What are you most looking forward to in your marriage? “Experiencing the joys and even the sorrows of life with my very best friend.”

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Ceremony Venue :: The Chapel at Beaver Creek | Avon, Colorado
Reception Venue :: The Donovan Pavillon | Vail, Colorado
Florist :: Sara Mica
Hair and Makeup :: Jade Darrough, Jaded Beauty
Caterer :: Taste 5 Catering
Rental Company :: Alpine Party Rentals
Cake / Dessert :: Three Tomatoes
DJ :: A Music Plus
Wedding Planner :: Promise Event Planners
Officiant :: Father Tomasz Strezbonski
Bride’s Dress :: Emma & Grace Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses :: Bella Bridesmaids

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Thank you so much for these Beautiful Pictures. I am the one Grandmother that could not make it to the wedding and wanted to so much. I have
enjoyed it though your gorgeous pictures. They are so lucky to have you to record it. Chelsea and Travis are perfect for each other, a wonderful

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