Mike + Chelsea Clower | Terrace Gardens Wedding Photographer

Terrace Gardens first look

Mike + Chelsea’s First Look Interview

“Mikey and I loved doing the first look, it was one of the main things I had to have happen with our wedding. Not only did it allow us more time after the ceremony to visit with our guests, it’s a little more personal between the bride and groom without all the guests being there to watch as well. It also helped to calm our nerves before the big walk down the aisle. Even though there was the threat of rain and all the wind, our first look actually turned out really well, I’m so impressed with your work Taylor. I think our first look was really the only personal time we had to ourselves without someone else being around, I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t have had it any other way (well, maybe minus the storm but hey, that’s Colorado for you).”

Shoe and dress shot Denver wedding Wide angle dress shot 2015-03-19_0046 Bride getting ready with her mother Bride at Denver wedding Bride at Denver wedding Terrace gardens wedding 2015-03-19_0051 2015-03-19_0052 Groom at terrace gardens wedding 2015-03-19_0054 2015-03-19_0055 2015-03-19_0056 Terrace Gardens first look 2015-03-19_0058 Rings on strong 2015-03-19_0060 2015-03-19_0061 2015-03-19_0062 2015-03-19_0063 2015-03-19_0064 2015-03-19_0065 Bridal party at terrace gardens wedding Bride with bridesmaids at Terrace gardens wedding 2015-03-19_0068 2015-03-19_0069 2015-03-19_0070 2015-03-19_0071 2015-03-19_00722015-03-19_0073 2015-03-19_0074 Indoor ceremony at Terrace gardens 2015-03-19_0076 2015-03-19_0077 2015-03-19_0078 2015-03-19_0079 2015-03-19_0080 Signing marriage license at terrace gardens wedding 2015-03-19_0082 2015-03-19_0083 2015-03-19_0084 Pinky promise photo 2015-03-19_0086 2015-03-19_0087 2015-03-19_0088 Bride and groom at Terrace Gardens 2015-03-19_0090 2015-03-19_0091 2015-03-19_0092 2015-03-19_0093 Groomsmen at Terrace Gardens wedding Doughnuts at Terrace Gardens wedding First dance at Terrace gardens 2015-03-19_0097 2015-03-19_0098 2015-03-19_0099 2015-03-19_0100 2015-03-19_0101