Levon & Karina Zadikyan | Denver Armenian Wedding Photographer Cheeseman Park

One of the beautiful things about our job is no two weddings are the same, or even remotely close. After we got to Karina’s family’s home on the morning of her wedding, we realized two things: first, that we were two of the only people who spoke English. Second, we were in for a real party! In Armenian culture, the bride spends the day with all of her family members, immediate and extended and the groom does the same. Before the wedding, the groom comes to the brides house to pick her up with his groomsmen in a limo. But before any of that occurs, the grooms family brings the wedding shoes wrapped in an elaborate and beautiful presentation. They run through the house dancing with all of their gifts for the bride and the mother of the groom assists the bride in the final stages before she meets her beloved. Not only were the shoes ornate and beautiful, every detail of their wedding was to the nines! People literally danced in the streets out of excitement and sincere joy for the wedding ceremony that was about to commence!

We were so thrilled with the amount of love, faith, and family binds that we got to experience on their wedding day! As well as the amount of vodka we were offered every 5 minutes, that was epic too! Congratulations, Karina and Levon! You two are perfect together and we didn’t expect anything less than awesome for your big day!

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