Martin | Mountain Vista High School, Colorado Senior Portrait Photographer

Red Rocks Morrison, Colorado | I always thought I had the upper hand when it came to being the oldest of a lot of kids. I mean, I grew up helping my parents run the house and raising my 5 younger siblings (or so I thought at 4 years old). But when someone tells you they’re one of 12 children, which is exactly what Martin did, it certainly humbles you.

I love meeting people from big families, there’s just a different dynamic in family and social life. Martin told me he’s planning his mission trip that is expected of the men in his family as well as preparing for college, playing on the football team, and officially becoming an Eagle Scout. Not to mention also being a brother to all of his siblings. Jeesh, talk about a busy guy!

I was so excited to shoot at Red Rocks Amphitheater at sunset last week with Martin. It was the perfect setting for a fall photo shoot. Despite what most people think of when they picture Red Rocks, there are so many different places to shoot awesome photos! The obvious unlimited rocks formations make for some pretty wild scenes, as well as the concert hall itself. I’m super thankful Martin and his mom Kerri dealt with my spastic enthusiasm and constant running around the amphitheater!

The best of luck to you, Martin, in all your journeys you have lying ahead of you! You are an awesome guy that I am so lucky to have had the privilege to work with!


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