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Red Rocks Open Space, Colorado Springs, Colorado | I’ve always loved engagement shoots. There’s just something about seeing a blushing soon-to-be bride and a lovestruck groom that just makes me all warm and fuzzy all over. However, after becoming engaged myself, my warm and fuzzies turned into butterflies about 20 minutes prior to the photo shoot. Now, granted, I’m about as picky when it comes to our wedding photographer as can be––I know not all brides are going to lose sleep the way I am. However, there was something that suddenly made me a little nervous about shooting someone’s engagement photos. I mean, it really is a big deal for someone to pick ME out of the 173,989,472,139,872,798,638,971,348,093,250,937,589,127,346,187 photographers in the Denver metro/Colorado Springs area (ok, maybe a little dramatic, but you get my point).

When Laura and Daniel (and Yoshi) showed up for their shoot, my butterflies went away and the warm and fuzzies immediately came rushing right back! Daniel proposed to Laura at an Av’s game on October 5, 2013. After learning they’re huge winter/hockey/snowboarding fanatics, it made sense that he’d plan such an awesome and memorable proposal!

And oh, my soul, let me tell you…well, maybe I don’t even have to. Just look at their photos! I can’t get over how in love these two are! During our shoot, it became incredibly obvious how much Laura and Daniel just adore each other. It’s couples like them that make me feel so blessed that I get to do what I do for a living. I mean, come on, I get the honor of documenting the most exciting time of their lives and share love to all their friends and family. Who wouldn’t love that!?

Congratulations, Laura and Daniel! I am so grateful that you have chosen me to be on this incredible journey with you! Let the countdown to July 4, 2014 begin!


Chalk board LOVE with engagement ring

CameronFrame25CameronFrame24CameronFrame34Ring shot in a field.CameronFrame04


CameronFrame10CameronFrame11CameronFrame12Engagement shoot with Laura and Daniel at Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs, CO.CameronFrame14

CameronFrame15CameronFrame16CameronFrame17CameronFrame18Engagement ring in a stump.CameronFrame20Engagement shoot with puppy pawsCameronFrame22

CameronFrame23CameronFrame30Kissing photo in a field at Red Rocks Open SpaceCameronFrame08CameronFrame31

CameronFrame01Snowboard engagement shoot in Colorado Springs, ColoradoCameronFrame32CameronFrame02CameronFrame03

Couple wrapped in a blanket at their engagement shoot.

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auntie deb and bill

your love is evident…how pleased we are for both of you…we look forward to being together on the 4th of july when the fireworks go off for YOU!!!!

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