Sapphire Point Engagement Shoot | Lauren and Trent | Breckenridge Colorado Photographer

Breckenridge Colorado Engagement shoot photographer Sapphire Point

Oh, you guys, I’m so excited to share this engagement shoot with you! From the first time we chatted with Lauren and Trent, we were super excited about their big day and vision for their wedding. Planning a wedding at home is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what these two are doing as they plan to marry on their property in Fort Morgan, Colorado next summer! Since they’re having their ranch wedding, they wanted to head to the mountains for their engagement shoot. So to Breckenridge we went! It was so great spending an evening getting to know these two, hear their story, and watch their personalities come through in their images. We can’t wait for their big day next summer!
Cheers, Tay and Mike

• How did the two of you meet? “We grew up in neighboring towns so we knew of each other for years. We both remember seeing each other at Ducks Unlimited banquets but never actually spoke until our high school years. We talked on and off for several years while we were in high school and away at college. Finally, once Lauren graduated from college we reconnected and decided to see if there was anything between us.”
• Tell us about your first date! “Our first date was at a local restaurant. I got to the restaurant first and found a seat at the bar. When Trent arrived, I wasn’t sure if it was me on the date or the ten other people he talked to first before he sat down next to me. We were both full of nerves and had awkward conversations, but after the date, we were still interested in getting to know each other better. The rest is history!”
• When did you know you wanted to marry each other? “After dating for a while, we both took separate vacations, Trent to Nashville and Lauren to South Carolina. While apart from each other we both came to the conclusion that we couldn’t imagine spending our lives with anyone else.”

• Trent, how did you propose? “Lauren’s mom agreed to keep her occupied for the day while I was able to get away. While she was gone, I was able to get everything set up and meet a couple of other firemen at the fire station. Once Lauren got back home, my sister-in-law sent me a text to let me know. We left the fire station in truck 929 and headed to our house. We pulled up to the house with the lights and sirens. Once we parked, I got out and walked to the back of the truck waiting for her to come out. She peaked her head out of the door and immediately closed it. I couldn’t help but think my plan was ruined! But surely she came back out (with shoes on this time). I first tried to play cool and tried to convince her we just brought the truck out for her to see, however, she knew something was up. That’s when our song started to play and I got down on one knee.”

• What’s one fun quirk you love about the other? “Trent loves the way I crinkle my nose and I love how ticklish he is. We always find ways to make each other laugh and have fun.”

• What has been the most fun part of wedding planning for you? “The most exciting part of wedding planning has been trying to imagine our day from deciding the colors to the centerpieces to the flavor of the cake! It’s been interesting to see what we agree and disagree on. I think one of the most exciting parts for me to come is wedding dress shopping!”

• What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? “I am most excited about walking down the aisle and seeing Trent’s reaction. Trent has mutual feelings about seeing me for the first time. We also can’t wait to see how everything comes together and spend the day with our closest family and friends.”