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Breckenridge Colorado photographer at Sapphire Point

We are totally believers of fate, and that you’re meant to cross paths with certain people in life. When we received an e-mail from Kari and Nick about their Granby Ranch Wedding next year in Granby, Colorado, we were so excited! We had the pleasure of having already met and worked with Kari at Jenny and Chris’s awesome wedding in 2017. With such a fun group of friends and family at that wedding, we were so thrilled to have Kari and Nick reach out to us, as we already knew they were great and we were in for an amazing day with them!

Their engagement shoot totally affirmed what we already knew…that they were a great couple totally made for each other! We are so thrilled to be a part of their wedding day next year. Thank you so much, Kari and Nick, and congratulations you two! We’re counting down the days to celebrate with you!


Sapphire Point Breckenridge Colorado photographer


• How did you and two meet? “At a bar downtown. Nick was playing pool with his friends and my friend Sonja and I thought they were cute and so we asked if we could play them in the next game. WE SUCKED! But we had a great time.”


Breckenridge Colorado photographer at Sapphire Point


• Tell us about your first date! We had a lot of dinners at my old apartment when we first started dating, but one of our first dates was a Rockies game. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other, we were young in our careers and pretty care-free. One of our first times hanging out Nick opened my car door. That was pretty memorable for me, because I had never been out with such a gentlemen and I was taken off guard, but also very excited.”

Engagement shoot photographer at Sapphire Point Breckenridge Colorado

• When did you know you wanted to marry each other? “Nick and I had a somewhat long distance relationship for the first 2 or so years. He lived in Casper, WY for his job and I lived here in Denver. He had a 2 weeks on, 1 week off schedule, so he would drive down here every 2 weeks and stay with me. At that time I knew that Nick was a very determined and committed man. In the summer of the second year of us dating, my roommate informed me that she was going to be moving out. I couldn’t afford a place on my own and was contemplating what the next move would be. Although Nick was still technically living in WY, we knew we would live together once he could find work in Denver. Nick offered to co-sign and lease and pay half the rent in our first house in the Highlands in Denver. He gave up his apartment in Wyoming and moved in with a friend for a cheaper rent. He paid 2 rents just to make sure that I was taken care of!! I think I always knew Nick was “the one”, but that life move proved that Nick would do anything to support his family and to put me first and I felt the same about him. So, at that point it was just a matter of time 🙂 ”
Breckenridge Colorado photographer at Sapphire Point Sapphire Point Breckenridge Colorado photographer

• How did Nick propose? “My family takes an annual camping trip to Turquoise Lake in Leadville. We hangout, take walks, let Bridger swim in the lake and relax on the “beach”. We had just gotten up there, ate lunch and went down to the water to throw sticks for Bridger. We were reading magazines, drinking beer, just having fun. My sister, mom and dad were all there. I got up to throw a stick for Bridger and when I turned around Nick was on one knee with a beautiful ring. It was perfectly simple and totally us.”


Breckenridge Colorado photographer at Sapphire Point Breckenridge Colorado photographer at Sapphire Point

• What has been the most fun element of wedding planning? “I actually think wedding planning has been kind of stressful…So much to do! For me though, picking out the venue with Nick was fun. Nick has to work long hours, so anything we get to do for the wedding together, instead of a part via text, has been the most fun for me.”

• What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? “Having all of our family and friends together in one place.”

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