Fishers Take Alaska 2016


We’re a couple full of wanderlust. Our default gifts to each other always involve a plane ticket or trip somewhere, but those are also the scariest things to purchase before chatting with one another! When my (Taylor) 28th birthday came around this year, Mike surprised me with some pretty awesome gifts, but plane tickets to Alaska definitely took the cake!

We’d been chatting about going to Alaska probably since the day we met, but the opportunity never presented itself since we can only travel during the winter months and quite frankly, we were ready to go somewhere warm (see our blogs on Iceland and New Zealand)! When we realized that we had three complete weeks off this summer (which never happens), Mike took full advantage of our schedule and booked our tickets to Seattle and then to Alaska. We were in for an awesome trip!

Seattle may be one of our favorite US cities. We spent a few days in the San Juan Islands sea kayaking and relaxing with zero cell phone service in our adorable cabin on the islands. It was AMAZING folks. We headed from Seattle to Anchorage and spent a week in Alaska cabin hopping, hiking, exploring, kayaking, canoeing, insane wildlife, and we actually got to meet some of the folks on Alaska the Last Frontier! Needless to say, it was a much needed trip that brought a lot of R&R to the middle of our summer. Enjoy our photos!

Mike and Tay

Seattle, Washington photographers Blog02

Gas Works park Seattle, Washington Sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands, a dream come true! 

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Blog11 Blog12 Kenai Fjords National Park orca sighting

…and then I died. Orca whales have been my (Taylor) favorite animal since I was a child. Seriously, my bedroom had orca wallpaper all over it until I high high school! This was truly an unbelievable experience. 

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2016-08-15_0038 Blog25

Mike’s dream come true : we had the honor of meeting some of the Kilcher’s who initially founded Homer, AK from Europe. Mike was speechless when we met Otto from the show Alaska the Last Frontier. We stayed with one of the Kilcher’s at her bed and breakfast on the ocean. 

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Reading and knitting : two things we do very well on vacation!

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Our totally off the grid house on a hill overlooking the ocean. 

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Oh my goodness!! Those otters!!! Looks like it was an amazing trip and these photos are so gorgeous!

Oh my gosh. I LOVE your photos from Alaska! EPIC!! I want to go back as an adult and explore more. Amazing!

Gosh I love how you guys do life together and adventure together. This looks like a trip of a lifetime!

These are amazing, really makes me want to go there!

You two have some pretty epic adventures! Love those cows (?) you cuddled!

These are amazing! The baby moose is so cute!

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