Travel | {Destination New Zealand} Honeymooning with The Fishers

Black and white image of the Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand

Mike said it best when he said, “If Hawaii and Alaska had a baby, it would be New Zealand.” Before we got engaged, Mike and I were totally sold on heading to New Zealand for our honeymoon. However, as many of you know, weddings add up fast. Once we budgeted our honeymoon in we were about $15,000 over what we were planning on. No thank you! We refused to go into debt for our wedding or our honeymoon.

After some serious planning and pact making, we decided that we were going to create a plan of a very strict (and very conservative) wedding budget and continue searching for a way to New Zealand. This took some intense diligence and preparation. Our search ended quite quickly when we discovered an insanely awesome package deal to NZ which revolved around a road trip on the south island, a 3 day layover in Laguna Beach, and a 2 day layover in Fiji. We were elated and booked it immediately! While we were pretty spaced out from jetlag in Fiji, once we got to Christchurch, NZ, we were ready to hit the wrong side of the road in the wrong side of the car and travel this awesome country! We are so thankful to have had this experience and it definitely lit a fire under us as we are already planning our big trip to Iceland in May 2015 (photos to follow)! Enjoy our favorite shots from our epic adventure!

Mike and Taylor


•  See the Remarkables in Queenstown and/or ride the gondola to the top of the city of Queenstown
• Visit the Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo
•  Rent a car and watch your husband learn to drive in a roundabout on the wrong side of the road and car
•  Horseback ride in Glenorchy and/or Christchurch and hearing about the filming of The Lord of The Rings
•  Hiking in a rainforest or visit the glacier in Franz Josef
•  Eating amazing food for 10 straight days!

Sunset in Laguna Beach Laguna Beach at night Driving in New Zealand 2015-03-01_0004 2015-03-01_0003 2015-03-01_0005 2015-03-01_0006 2015-03-01_0007 Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo Lake Tekapo New Zealand 2015-03-01_0010 2015-03-01_0011 2015-03-01_0012 Queenstown, New Zealand, The Remarkables Horseback riding in Glenorchy, New Zealand Horses in Glenorchy New Zealand Newlyweds horseback riding in Glenorchy, New Zealand 2015-03-01_0020 2015-03-01_0021 2015-03-01_0022 2015-03-01_0023 2015-03-01_0024 The Remarkables Queenstown New Zealand, sunset, fog 2015-03-01_0026 2015-03-01_0028Beaches of Queenstown, New Zealand Sunset and night shot of Queenstown, New ZealandSunset in Queenstown, New Zealand