Devil’s Thumb Ranch Photographer | Shelby and Hogan’s Colorado Winter Proposal

Devil’s Thumb Ranch | Shelby and Hogan’s Colorado Winter Proposal

I just don’t think we are able to express our joy and excitement for this incredible newly engaged couple! Shelby and Hogan got engaged at Devil’s Thumb Ranch during a snowy March, and it was everything perfect and Colorado. Horses, snow, and ranch. A few months ago, Hogan’s mama, Stacy, contacted us a to tell us that Hogan was planning to propose to Shelby during their Colorado vacation. She said that they were in need of a Devil’s Thumb Ranch Photographer and we were so thrilled to be invited to capture it! Horseback riding has been one of our favorite things we do together as a couple. Getting to share that as well as a magical moment, with two amazing people was simply a dream come true. The nerves running through our bodies as it comes time to shoot this moment is an overwhelming rush of excitement!

Needless to say, Shelby’s reaction was truly overwhelming for everyone involved…and there were a lot of people! Hogan didn’t stop with the surprises at the amazing proposal. Oh, no. He invited their friends and family members to fly out to Devil’s Thumb Ranch and surprise her afterwards! It was simply an unforgettable experience that so many people, ourselves included, go to be apart of. Shelby and Hogan, thank you so much for inviting us to be your Devil’s Thumb Ranch Photographer for your proposal. It was truly an honor and we are so excited for your Texas wedding this winter!

Mike and Taylor


How did the two of you meet?

“One of my friends was on an intramural softball team with Hogan and invited me to come watch one of their games. We wish we could say it was love at first sight,  but it wasn’t until three years later that Hogan asked me out on a date.”


Tell us about your first date!

“We grabbed a Pizza to-go, a cheap bottle of wine, and went to watch the sun set over beautiful Lake Bryan. When we got there, the clouds rolled in and we got soaked in the rain! It was almost romantic.”


What is your favorite quirk about the other?

Hogan: “My favorite quirk about Shelby (besides her dimples) is the way she waves to every single horse that we pass while driving.”
Shelby: “Hogan has too many quirks to pick from, but my favorite is his ability to go into any fictional or nonfictional character. He keeps me on my toes. You never know when he is going to turn into an old grandma, Harry Potter, or an Irish barista.”



Hogan, tell us what was going through your mind the couple hours before you proposed at Devil’s Thumb Ranch?

“Believe it or not, I wasn’t nervous to propose at all; I was just trying to hide how excited I was! I was more worried about her getting carsick on the way up the mountain or somebody spilling the beans early. There was a lot of moving parts that were the root of my anxiety that day. However, it ended up being more perfect than I had drawn up in my head.”


Shelby, tell us about your experience when Hogan dropped down to one knee at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

“I really wish I could say that I remember this moment vividly. To be completely honest I think I blacked out. The photographs helped me recall the memory of losing control of my legs, falling to the ground and weeping tears of joy.”


What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

“We both agree that we are most looking forward to having all of our friends and family in one place. The people closest to us really know how to celebrate! Shelby is a dancing machine so I am sure she will be taking full advantage of the dance floor.”


If you could describe your relationship in 3 words, what would they be and why?

“Unwavering: We went through a lot together along the way. But we always relied on one another and our love for each other was never in question. Deep-rooted: (2 for 1 special) Our relationship is built and nurtured by the love of our friends and family. We have always had a strong support group and recognize we would not be engaged today without the love of the people around us. Barley: We have to pay homage to our best friend in the whole world. Our happy-go- lucky Golden Retriever, Barley. She [Shelby] got Barley when he was only a few months old and we have had the pleasure and responsibility of raising him into the good boy he is today. He has been a major part of our growth and maturity as a couple. Now we get to be a family!”

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What a sweet proposal! She looked completely surprised. I love working up at Devil’s Thumb Ranch too!

OMG I love proposal sessions. And this one is so well captured! IN love with it!

What a beautiful spot for a proposal! I love that it looks like the whole family came up to Devil’s Thumb Ranch to celebrate afterwards. What a beautiful spot!

This is so cool! I love that everyone gathered at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Were you on horseback shooting some of that? *mad skills!!* Love all the emotion and beauty, the ‘realness’ of the day is captured perfectly. Great work, they’ll treasure having these!

Such a magical Devil’s Thumb Ranch engagement! That’s so amazing you were there to capture that moment! And I love that he included friends and family too — what a special day!

Such a great proposal! Devils Thumb Ranch looks like the perfect place for it- so beautiful! You captured this sweet moment so well!

Aw, they look so happy together! Congratulations to the new couple!

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