Marriage involves two soulmates.

Let two soulmates capture your marriage.

Our story.

Nothing compares to the love shared by two people ready to embark on the adventure of marriage. We’re passionate about the passion you share. We revel in the details of your story. We find inspiration in the candid moments, and joy in the unexpected ones. That’s why we do what we do. We’re not here to simply photograph your wedding. We’re here to be a part of your journey.

We were married in 2014 in Grand Lake, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by our closest family and friends. Despite having witnessed over a hundred weddings together, being at the altar, saying our vows and making lifelong promises to our best friend, was a surreal and out of body experience. We thought we knew what to expect, as most folks do. At the end of our wedding day, when the dust settled and we were finally together husband and wife, we were thankful we would soon be reliving our wedding day through our own photos.

Your story and wedding photography is more than pretty sunsets and perfectly arranged flowers (although we do loves those). It's capturing your mother as her baby comes down the aisle. It's capturing your best friend crying at the alter with you as you say your vows. It's talking you through your first look as you anxiously walk towards the love of your life. It's getting a call two years later to hear that you're expecting your first child. And yes, it's capturing some sweet dance moves you've been excited about for months. We live for the relationship we develop with you and capturing the most intimate moments of you life.

Meet Taylor

Lover of sweaters that smell like campfire.


they married someone they truly wanted to be like? When Mike and I met, over churros, cheesecake, and red wine (they didn't have beer), I immediately knew he was someone I wanted to strive to be like. See, Mike is a risk taker, and actively seeks out adventures—everything that I wasn’t at that point in my life.

No one would believe it now, but when I was a kid I was painfully shy. I stuttered and wore hot pink glasses with confetti in them, and my affinity for oversized 90’s Hanson Brothers t-shirts also made me painfully awkward. Nevertheless, I got my first camera at the ripe old age of 12, which lent itself to be a social and creative outlet. I immediately realized I had discovered my passion in life. After graduating from West Virginia University in 2011, I packed up Phoebe (my Corolla) and drove 1,500 miles to the state I felt destined to call home: Colorado.

Photography had always been my passion, but making a full-time career out of it had always been a dream in the future tense. Arriving in Colorado and meeting my husband was the end of that. Leaving a stable job to pursue a passion was an intimidating and terrifying prospect, but my stubborn self was determined to take the chance. I've never had a moment of regret since.

To this day, I come alive at weddings. Brides become some of my dearest friends, florists and planners come to our home for dinners, and bridesmaids call us years later to tell us they’re tying the knot or adding to their family. Photography has not only fulfilled a career for me, it’s fulfilled my entire being.

Meet Mike

Fan of anything with wheels.


“My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” As much as I’d love to take credit for wooing my bride with charm and a three-figure bank account, the reality is that my Golden Retriever, Copper, was the real reason Taylor and I met. I just happened to be the lucky man on the other end of the leash.

Prior to meeting in 2011, I had spent more than a decade working for a motorcycle magazine. Upon learning this, Taylor wasted no time in converting me from shooting two wheels, to shooting two people. To my surprise, wedding photography became my newfound passion, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Taylor has an irresistible lure about her, and seeing brides light up from her enthusiasm, squealing as she shares a peek of the back of her camera, was a feeling of pride and admiration unlike any I’d ever experienced.

While the groom and groomsmen tend to squeal a bit less than the ladies, my relationship with them is one I embrace at every wedding. Let’s face it: most men don’t show up at their wedding with a Pinterest board of ideas they’ve been gathering since they could first talk. Nor do they know what to expect when a photographer shows up to document their wedding day. But behind the camera, I’m just another guy. I live for the outdoors. I ride motorcycles. I mountain bike. I climb mountains. I go four-wheeling. I hunt, I fish, and I drink beer. And the one thing the groom and I always have in common is the fact that we’ve found our best friends in life, and they’ve agreed to marry us. My job on a wedding day is not just to photograph the moments that unfold, but to help the groom navigate one of the most important days of his life. It’s a role I’m proud to fill, and one of the many reasons I love shooting weddings.

Want to grab a drink? Go on a hike? Take the bikes out?