2016 Rocky Mountain Wedding Photogapher Expansion Project

Our 2016 wedding season is already over halfway booked and our heads are exploding with excitement and gratitude for the amazing couples who have invited us to be a part of their wedding day. Our love for Colorado weddings is bigger than we ever could have imagined. It was merely 5 years ago that I (Tay) started telling people in West Virginia that I was moving to Colorado to be a wedding photographer in the mountains, not having any idea what that would look like, what the future would hold, or how blessed I would in fact be. 

As we move forward into the 2016 season, Mike and I have been chatting about what our future will look like and have decided that we would love to extend our wedding coverage to even more of the Rocky Mountains: specifically, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and even up to Alaska if we are so lucky to be given the opportunity. We have no doubt that 2016 is going to bring some incredible adventures with our awesome career as wedding photographers and we are so excited to pursue more of our love for the Rockies and mountain weddings! For any couples interested in having us come celebrate with them and help us meet our goals, we'd love to WAIVE OUR TRAVEL FEE for weddings that truly fit our Rocky Mountain style.

If you or someone you know is having a Rocky Mountain wedding and tying the knot in one of these states next year and are looking for an adventurous couple who will climb mountains with you (figuratively and literally) on your wedding day, let's chat!

Mike + Tay

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