Since 2012, we've captured more than four hundred weddings together. And, if we're being honest, more than four hundred pieces of cake along the way. When in Rome, right?

 Kindred spirits drawn together by a mutual dedication to our craft, fate united us not only in marriage, but in a bond fueled by our love for storytelling—and for cheesecake.





Since 2012, we've captured more than four hundred weddings together. And, if we're being honest, more than four hundred pieces of cake along the way. When in Rome, right?

 Kindred spirits drawn together by a mutual dedication to photography and filmmaking, fate united us not only in marriage, but in a bond fueled by our love for storytelling—and cheesecake.



Time spent with Taylor is transformative. She has the innate ability to uncover layers and see you for who you truly are—your struggles, your triumphs, your fears—leaving you feeling seen and understood in the best possible way.

No secret to anyone who has met her, Taylor is one of those rare souls who can effortlessly strike up a heartfelt conversation with anyone, anywhere. It doesn't matter if they're in a dark alley wearing a ski mask—Taylor will have them sharing their life story within minutes, and they’ll be invited to the dinner table that evening. As someone also at that dinner table, this can be scary and/or problematic at times, but beautiful nonetheless.

Truly a source of light, she brings an uplifting and refreshing energy to every wedding. Her ability to not only see the best in others, but to empower them, is a testament to her character and the profound impact she has on those around her. 

Beyond her dedication to wedding and portrait photography, Taylor's cameras have carried her around the globe. From documenting the gauchos of Patagonia's Aysén region, to editorial ventures in London and Italy and humanitarian missions in the Dominican Republic, her wanderlust has expanded the angles in which she approaches storytelling.


Her warmth and sincerity will gift you the freedom to feel at ease. Her selfless nature will make you feel cherished. And the effect this will have in the emotions she's able to evoke and capture will be immeasurable.


MEET mike

Behind his adventurous spirit, Mike possesses an admirable humility and grounding presence to all he meets. His love for life shines through and he approaches each day with relentless optimism and eagerness. The man wakes up genuinely happy. Every. Single. Day. At weddings, he brings a restorative sense of assuredness amidst the flurry of emotions.

Always pushing the boundaries of creativity, Mike has been known to go to extraordinary lengths in an effort to reach the perfect angle or get the perfect shot. If you see a fully grown man climbing a tree in a three-piece suit and dress shoes, you'll know magic is happening. The dry cleaners love him. 

Coming from the sports world with more than fifteen years as Creative Director, Mike has worked on film, photography, and design projects for some of the most successful brands in the world. His love for two-wheeled adventures has led him around the world, from test riding motorcycles in Europe to remote, month-long rides exploring Canada and Alaska. 


At home outdoors, Mike is able to incorporate the vast and rugged landscapes surrounding you into his frames, transforming photos into stunning
works of art.






We find purpose in love—love for our family, love for our work, and love for the beautiful people we meet along the way.

We live simply in an 1800's cabin on our ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado. Surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks and 43 acres of ponderosa pines and meandering creeks, we spend most of our days outdoors. Hiking, biking, fishing,

The relationships in our life are the driving force behind our business. Our family, friends, and everyone we meet along the way all nourish us in ways beyond words. We have a deep love for volunteering, with Taylor coaching lacrosse and Mike an active member of the mountain search and rescue team. 





One of the reasons we've chosen to homeschool our two boys is to share with them a love for exploration and an appreciation for diverse cultures. While our roots remain in the mountains of Colorado, we find inspiration from journeys around the country and the world.



-Codey & Taylor

“We knew our photos were going to be something we would treasure forever, but what we didn’t expect to walk away with was an effortless bond turned friendship.

Taylor and Mike are not just invested in capturing the magic of the wedding day, but their heart is in it for the marriage and future that follows.”

-Brett & Mendy

I did not feel rushed or anxious, just simply in the moment—which was most important as this would be a once in a lifetime experience—and believe me, Taylor and Mike made it memorable. Separately they are an absolute delight, and together they make the ultimate team and genuine couple. You can see the true dedication they put into making that day, your day…special! It was an absolute joy to work with this inspirational couple."

"With grace and charm, Taylor and Mike set the tone for our beautiful wedding day!

-Jake & Christina

They did everything we asked and more. Our friends and family keep remarking how great our photographers were. They took so many photos and delivered them in such a fast turnaround."

"Taylor and Mike are professional, friendly, detailed, flexible, committed—exactly the kind of presence you want from photographers on your wedding day! 

-Chris & Kim

On the day, they were so organized and kept things moving at a perfect pace. We never felt rushed yet were able to adhere to our timeline perfectly. They made everyone, including my generally camera-shy husband, feel at ease making for photos with real smiles."

"From start to finish, Taylor and Mike take great care to make sure you are comfortable and have clear and prompt communication. 

-Jake & Haydn

We are so impressed with not only them as people and their amazing work, but also their communication skills throughout the entire planning process."

"Taylor and Mike have a great ability to take photographs in places no ordinary person would ever think of, and, while still focusing on you, they are also able to capture the beautiful scenery.

-Adam & Sydney

Though we had never met, it was as though we were life-long friends and it was immediately apparent we wanted to work with them. They are so pleasant, personable, and go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. We were so worried the photo process would be weird and awkward, but they made it one of the most fun aspects of the whole day. To top it all off, the photos are simply gorgeous!"

“We gave them a call and they were the first, and only, photographers we spoke with.

After getting married in Grand Lake, the pull of living in the mountains began to grow stronger. We shot weddings in the mountains, played in the mountains, and felt at home in the mountains.

And so, in 2016, a weekend getaway led us to the charming town of Buena Vista. There we found a bottle of wine, drank a bottle of wine, opened Zillow (the guilty pleasure of all Millennials), and called a realtor. Three weeks later, we had sold our home in Conifer and moved to our ranch. And we knew in our gut that it was the start of something great.

"I literally can't see anything out my windshield. Where did you say you live again?" 

Now it's your turn! Share your story with us.

It's here that we've brought home and homeschool our two boys, roast s'mores around the campfire, host ranch parties, and share this place with our couples, our friends, and our families.

So when Mike, initially searching for a table saw, stumbled on a herd of alpacas (and a free llama), Taylor's reply was simply, "When can we get them?"

And we knew in our gut that it was the start of something great. But let's be honest: they're alpacas. We'll keep you posted.

The Story of Us

From the beginning, our relationship has been built on trusting our gut feelings—and, admittedly, some questionable decisions. For the sake of romance, though, we'll call it spontaneity.

Our first date was in a blizzard, when Mike thought it made sense to drive 40 minutes in zero visibility to pick up Taylor. Taylor, in turn, thought open-toed high heels in eight inches of snow made equal sense. And yet, huddled for hours around a plate of cheesecake, we knew in our gut that it was the start of something great.

"Honey. There's seven alpacas for sale on Craigslist. And they're throwing in a free llama." 

"There's 43 acres with trees and a cabin. It was built in 1985. Wait, no. It says 1885. That can't be right."

Summarized by three quotes.

So here's what we've learned.

You trusted it with your partner. You trusted it when your partner proposed. And now that you're in the midst of wedding planning, filled with excitement and at times decision fatigue, we'll simply say this: trust your gut.

The best decisions in life come from trusting what feels right.

View our offerings and let's make magic happen.

If creating with us feels right...