Todd & Samantha Zurlinden | Conifer Colorado Mountain DIY Wedding Photographer

Couple at Rocky Mountain wedding in Conifer, Colorado

If you want to be absolutely sure people are going to stay focused during your wedding ceremony, one great way is to have an Australian officiate it! Despite being an amazing couple with an incredible group of friends and family, Sam & Todd also had their uncle fly in from Down Under to officiate their beautiful outdoor wedding in Conifer, Colorado. Having grown up in Conifer and being a huge baseball fan, Todd had his touch at the wedding, while Sam used her love for cats as her inspiration for little touches all over the wedding. Their DIY projects were amazing (I felt much better about our wedding when I saw they too showed up with a U-Haul) and despite the sheets of rainfall, made their wedding day absolutely wonderful, intimate, and full of love!

Congratulations, Todd & Sam! You two are such a great team and we are so happy we got to spend the afternoon with you!
Tay & Mike

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