The Photography Coach You Need to Launch Your Dream Biz!

If you're ready to quit your full time job to pursue your photography business, then meet your new coach, trusted confidant, & personal cheerleader! We're about to be super, dooper friends.

Meet your coach & business bestie!

Hello! I'm Taylor: creativepreneur, Colorado Wedding Photographer, and alpaca (and human) mom. If you're like me, you learn from doing and from others experiences. After having shot over 200 Colorado and destination weddings, I'm eager to share my experience and save you a little heartache! I could rattle off my rap sheet of things I've seen, done, experienced, felt, but that wouldn't even scratch the surface of the incredible things we'll do together! Consider me your coach, confidant, and personal cheerleader.

Incase you're dying to know more, here's some fun facts:

Six Figure Photography

Making six figures running your photography biz isn't just for unicorns that fart rainbows. It's a reality and there for you to experience! You deserve to love what you do and profit.

Branding & Trust

Our couples return year after year to have me capture their most precious milestones. Our brand has a mind and life of it's own, kind of like raising a baby and watching it grow!

Enneagram #2

The title of the enneagram #2 is literally "The Helper", so you can rest assured that I am on fire for helping you achieve your awesome personal and professional goals!

Why live to work when you can work to live and love what you do?

Let's get real for a minute: If you know your heart isn't into your 9-5 corporate job, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You deserve to be EXCITED about your work and passionate about what you spend 8,320 hours a year doing!

After 8 years running a full time six figure photography business, I'm elated to share what I've learned with YOU! Your time, energy, and resources are precious, and I respect everything you're about to go through. What's more, I've been there! I quit my corporate job with $200 to my name, no clients, no website, and zero plan.

No pants required for these coaching sessions!

Until the world returns to a new normal, everything we'll do will be accomplished online. So, which experience would you like?



What if you could go into every session confident and with the tools you need to blow your clients minds?



It's easier than you think to attract that clients you want to work with and become the expert in their life.



Once you know your ideal client, it'll be easy to market without spending a dime on advertising.



Learn how to establish a killer and memorable client experience, so your business grows organically.



Revamp your social media to look epic and attract the folks who need you in their life and you need in yours!

Wondering what others are experiencing?

Read some love notes!

"WOW! Five stars! Taylor was so valuable in getting my photography business off the ground. She's your cheerleader through the entire process and she's so knowledgeable about marketing, design, literature, trends, branding, and all things business. I needed her expertise to perfect my website, grow my clientele, and most of all, she really helped me believe in myself. I wouldn't have had the courage to do photography full time, without her. The investment was totally worth it to have a friend like her in my corner, supporting me the entire way. If you're ready to love what you do and do only her, she'll get you where you need to be."


Ivy Bencheck Portraits


Jenny Smiley Photography
"Taylor made me feel so comfortable during our coaching call. She sent a questionnaire in advance to help me pinpoint what exactly it was that I needed help with and it also provided some structure to our call. Taylor is so easy to talk to and her advice was super helpful for my small growing business. Her experience in the industry is super relatable and she even gave me a two week goal to focus on after our call and kept in touch! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing some guidance and encouragement as they grow their own small business!"

You're probably still chilling here if...

• You're ready to quit your full time job and pursue your dream photography career!
• You find inspiration learning from others experiences and journey.
• You're tired of making someone else money and are ready to work for yourself!
• You're a strong, independent woman who's looking for heart-to-heart, come-to-Jesus conversations and coaching relationship.
• Yoga and hikes in the morning sound like your cup of tea or coffee...or matcha...or mimosa!

Shoot, let's do this thing!