Nicole + Bowie | Keystone Ski Resort Colorado Engagement Shoot

Keystone Resort, Colorado | One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to meet and learn new people. When we meet a couple for coffee, we can only get to learn so much. That’s why I love engagement shoots, because when you spend 3 hours making out in front of someone and singing to each other, you tend to get pretty comfortable with one another.

When Mike and I first met Nicole and Bowie, we knew they were an awesome couple. Their dynamics and way they interacted with each other was so refreshing and fun to watch. This in and of itself has me so excited for their wedding day! Like a lot of girls, Nicole “talks” with her eyes. You wouldn’t know it from a lot of the photos posted, but during their engagement shoot, most of the images we got back were photos of Nicole making faces at Bowie and getting him to laugh. It was hilarious! If I was a jerk, I’d have a bloopers gallery just for Nicole and her awesome facial expressions she made in 80% of their photos.

Nicole and Bowie, we are absolutely thrilled for the two of you and can’t wait for your fall wedding this year! Despite the piercing cold, you made your engagement shoot a blast, so I can only imagine how much fun your big day is going to be!


NicoleBowieFrame04 Colorado winter engagment shoot NicoleBowieFrame05NicoleBowieFrame16  NicoleBowieFrame12NicoleBowieFrame08  NicoleBowieFrame07  Keystone Colorado wedding and engagement photographer

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Taylor, these are amazing and we won’t be able to tell you and Mike thank you enough! Sorry I’m awkward and can’t make serious faces lol…they probably would be funny to see!

You guys are awesome! I’m so glad you have these photos to cherish and that your personalities shone through in them!

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