Luke | Conifer High School – Conifer Senior Portrait Photographer

Pine Valley Ranch Park , Pine, Colorado |  If anyone questions whether getting up before the sun for a photo shoot is worth it, I’ll happily send you to Luke. While rising at the crack of dawn on a Saturday isn’t ideal, Luke mustered his way out of bed and to his senior portrait photo shoot at Pine Valley Ranch Park early during his weekend off of school and work. Thank you!

Most people don’t realize the huge benefit of having photos taken before the sun peaks over the mountains. If you’re a photographer, your job revolves around lighting and what the sun plans on doing for the day. I felt so lucky that Luke agreed to meet me early enough that we didn’t have to worry about the sun or any afternoon thunderstorms that we so often get here in the mountains. Most people assume lots of sunlight and a cloudless sky are what get you stunning photos. Negative. Clouds and shooting during the “golden hours” are a photographers best friend! You’ll notice in Luke’s photos, he isn’t squinting and has no shadows anywhere on his face. That’s only part of the benefit to an early morning shoot! The rest is all technical stuff that I’ll save you from reading about. But trust me, it’s worth it.

While we walked around Pine Valley Ranch, I learned that Luke works 20+ hours a week while finishing his senior year at Conifer High School! Talk about a driven and busy guy! I also learned that he’s checking out Metro as a potential candidate for college. Congratulations on making it to your senior year, Luke! I hope it’s awesome and goes by quickly for you!



Luke Downie, senior at Conifer High School, senior portraits. LukeFrame-4LukeFrame-11LukeFrame-3LukeFrame-6LukeFrame-7LukeFrame-5LukeFrame-8LukeFrame-13

LukeFrame-9 LukeFrame-10LukeFrame-12Luke's senior portraits at Pine Valley Ranch Park in Pine, ColoradoLukeFrame-14

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After looking at the photos of Luke, I had tears in my eyes ~ Congratulations to Taylor who took the time and effort to capture more than snapshots! All are wonderful! The article describing the “shoot” is way beyond the ordinary for a photographer’s task. Taylor Jones is indeed exceptional ~ THANK YOU!
Luke is our first grandchild and we are soooooooooo PROUD of him ~ may his continued journey be as successful as the first 18 years.

Now where did that little boy blowing me soap bubbles go?

Hi Janice,

This is hands down one of the sweetest and most sincere responses I’ve ever received from a photo shoot. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it and congratulations on seeing your first grandson graduate from high school! He was a very sweet and genuine guy who’s got a lot of exciting adventures waiting for him in the next chapter of his journey.

We all love the photos of Luke, you captured his look for sure, and I could see him relax throughout the photo shoot.
Your personality and his worked well together and I do appreciate the time you took for it to all fall into place.
Also the location was perfect for Luke and the things he loves about the out of doors and his easy going personality.

We look forward to working with you again with our other upcoming teenagers.
The pleasure was ours.
The Downie family

Thank you so much, Andra, for your sweet compliments and for your lovely review. It was so wonderful working with you and Luke! And, not that I’m trying to rush them growing up, I can’t wait for Maddie’s and the rest of the gang’s senior photos!


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