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Oh my, we are just so excited to share this wonderful winter engagement shoot with you all! Brad and Lindsey were our first 2018 couple that we booked and we are so thrilled to be starting out our booking season with this amazing couple. We love sharing similar “how we met” stories with our couples, and since I’m a walking poster child for online dating (how Mike and I met), it’s always so exciting to meet another couple who met online. Their hilarious story of Brad’s first date interrogation and Lindsay’s escape plan if it all fell apart was so endearing to hear about. These two share such a beautiful connection with each other (and their dog, Bailey) and we are so excited to be a part of their love story! We hope you two love your images as much as we did and had as much fun running around downtown Vail in single digits for your engagement shoot! Thank you so much for allowing us to be here with you to tell your story. We can’t wait for your big day!
Mike and Tay
• How did you two meet? “We amazingly met through an online dating website. Both of us were talked into joining the website by others as we were each a bit skeptical of the online process.  We communicated back and forth for about a week and decided we wanted to go on a date to meet in person.  Luckily we decided to say yes!”
• Tell us about your first date! Our first date was dinner at Kona grill in Cherry creek where Brad conducted a thorough interview of Lindsay, a lot of questions!  Lindsay tried to have her best friend, Erin, spy on their date by sitting at the bar for an easy out however, Erin got lost and ended up not making it. So Lindsay had to stick it out through all the questions on her own. Apparently Lindsay passed the test and Brad asked for a second date.”
• When did you know you wanted to marry each other? There wasn’t one defining moment for us however, we realized that as time went on we were completely ourselves and wanted the other there for all the big things in life. We love how we compliment each other, have fun, and look forward to each day together.”
• How did Brad propose? “Brad had been planning the day for a few weeks but first drove all the way to Vail (without Lindsay knowing) to ask for permission from her dad. We had friends in town from Texas and wanted to show them Estes Park so the opportunity presented itself. After 40 minutes of driving around in two different cars and Lindsay’s frustration rising, Brad finally picked a spot for “a hike” and got down on one knee. Luckily we had friends there to record the take pictures of the moment because neither of us remember what he said.”
• What has been the most fun element of wedding planning? “It is hard to choose because we have loved every moment of it from our engagement pictures, to choosing our first dance, and being excited to spend the rest of our lives together.”
• What’s a fun quirk you love about the other? “Lindsay loves that when Brad reads to himself he mouths the words and continues to always leave sweet notes around the house for her to find. Brad loves how Lindsay laughs as his dad jokes and makes him feel funny.”
• What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? We are most looking forward to the moment we are pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Brad McBride, having family and friends with us, and of course the party that follows.”

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Wow!!! That frame of the fire….so beautiful!!

Vail is so magical – I just love that place. And can I just say how adorable that pup is? Brad and Lindsay are two beautiful people and make an adorable couple!

They are so beautiful together and they look so very happy! What gorgeous images — and I loved the part about the “interview” questions. 😉

You can just see the love that this couple has for each other. Vail was perfect! That dog is pretty darn adorable, too.

What gorgeous session! Love all the variety you got for them and that their sweet little furbaby got to be included!

You’re so great at getting your clients to open up and laugh a lot. I love seeing all of these genuine, comfortable, happy moments on your blog!

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