Larissa | Rock Canyon High School Senior – Denver Senior Portrait Photographer

Lair O’ the Bear, Evergreen, Colorado  |  I love senior portraits. Seriously, they may be my favorite to shoot! When I met Larissa last week at Lair O’ the Bear for her senior portraits, I asked her what kind of music she liked (to get everyone laid back) and the first song that came on was ‘Call Me Maybe’ (which is a guilty pleasure of mine). Larissa immediately stated that this song made her laugh and I knew we were in for an awesome shoot!

Now, I don’t think senior portraits are necessarily scary, but Larissa was totally fearless! Maybe it was the actress in her but if I had told her to bounce up and down, wave her arms in the air and sing ACDC, I think she would have done it. Alas, I didn’t do that, but she was asked to climb a tree, play in a river, pose infront of a restaurant full of people, and flush a medieval toilet. All of which were completed with a huge smile on her face!

I adored learning that Larissa has an incredible love for animals which is leading her to Washington to study Environmental Sciences. We also share a love for Shakespeare which can always strike a conversation leading to anywhere other than Shakespeare. I’m so excited to have worked with you, Larissa, and I’m so excited for the roads ahead of you! Have an awesome senior year!

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