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What if your own wedding was the first one you ever attended? For Kyle and Hanna, this was true! I met Hanna in high school and was totally elated when her mother, Terra, called me this past winter and said that her and her husband were surprising Hanna and Kyle by gifting them their wedding photography. We were honored and thrilled to be apart of this exciting time for the Haggerty and Conway families.

After chatting with Hanna and Kyle over FaceTime for the first time, I learned that their wedding was the first either would attend in their adult lives. How flipping incredible is that?! These two moved from West Virginia to Porland, Oregon together to pursue their careers and love of the outdoors, and their wedding day mimicked all of their wonderful personality traits. Needless to say, I felt right at home when John Denver’s “Country Roads” came on and I realized that nearly everyone at the wedding was a MOUNTAINEER from WVU! Their emotional ceremony at Postelwaits in Canby, Oregon was followed by a wonderful reception party at the barn!

Mr. & Mrs. Conway, thank you so much for having us be a part of your amazing wedding day! You are truly a special and amazing couple and we couldn’t be more excited for your journey into marriage. Love you guys!

Mike and Tay

• How did the two of you meet? “Kyle and I met at WVU, we had a class together (fisheries techniques). We started studying together and we hit it off pretty instantly!”
• Tell us about your first date! “Our first date was a film festival in Morgantown called BANFF. We actually went with my parents haha. We went to the Morgantown Brewing Company for dinner. We all got a little too drunk, but it was really great! He hit it off with my parents instantly too!”
• Having done a first look, what did you love most about it? Would you do it again?  “After the first look, we both felt our nerves melt away. That was so helpful. We were nervous the entire morning until we did the first look. We loved that we got some alone time before everyone else showed up! I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way!”
• How did Kyle propose? “Kyle proposed to me at the rose gardens in Washington park in Portland. He planned it to be when both of our parents were visiting so they could also be apart of it! I just remember he was really stressed and I had no idea why until he popped the question. I was totally surprised!”
• If you could pick one word to describe your ceremony what would it be? “The word to describe our ceremony: smiles!”
• What are you most looking forward to in your marriage? “We are most looking forward to having more adventures with all of our free time now that we aren’t planning a wedding!!”
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• How did you choose Postelwaits County Weddings for your wedding destination? “I found Postlewait’s through a friend who had previously seen the space and said it was lovely! I went to check out the venue and we knew pretty instantly that Postlewaits was the place!”
• What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now? “Our advice is to not sweat the little things. And all the beautiful weddings on Pinterest need to be ignored! No one needs all those DIY details. Flowers and friends/family is all you need!”

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• What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day? “Most memorable moment: singing “Country Roads” with all of our new and old friends together at the end of the wedding!”

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ahhh, you guys capture happiness so well at weddings. This is such a beautiful couple with the sweetest expressions. Gorgeous work!

So pretty, I love their venue! I love the portraits you took of the two of them!

Beautiful work, great interview integration, love it all!

Beautiful work here, you nailed it! The purple shoes are awesome 🙂

Wow these are beautiful! You were able to capture so many great details and all the beauty and emotion of the day! Great job!

Ahh, such an adorable wedding! Love all those truly happy smiles you capture! I love love love the fire shot too!

Such beautiful wedding photography! Love your shots, the posing, your editing. Gorgeous.

Really beautiful coverage of the day and such a happy atmosphere. 🙂

Their wedding is beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing their special day.

Shelli Quattlebaum

Beautiful wedding. You did a wonderful job capturing their day!

You two are SO great at capturing details and this wedding had so many lovely ones!

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