Courtnee + Cody | Denver Civic Center and Heritage Square Engagement Shoot

Civic center park, columns, engagement shoot

The quote Colorado obtained during last year’s spring season, “Go home Colorado, you’re drunk”, is reigning true again for this spring and seemed to be the theme for the days leading up to Cody and Courtnee’s engagement shoot. Courtnee had said she wanted a snowy engagement shoot, but knew full well that trying to plan around the Colorado weather was going to have its challenges. On Sunday, it was 60 and beautiful, Monday was a bit chillier but sunny. Tuesday it snowed ALL day at our house and in the mountains, but was totally clear in Denver. By Wednesday we weren’t sure if it was going to be nice with a fresh coat of snow, ugly with mud, or somewhere in middle. Lucky for us, we had the perfect sunny, warm, (and a little bit of snow in Golden) afternoon ahead of us!

We love couples like Courtnee and Cody. When we left their engagement shoot, Mike said, “People like those two are so easy to shoot, not because they were trying to work the camera necessarily, but because they’re always laughing and happy. I could snap a photo at any point and know at least one of them was going to be smiling and happy.” They truly are. You rarely hear stories about high school sweethearts anymore, but goodness, do we love those stories! Courtnee and Cody fell in love in high school and their deep love for each other shows in the way they talk and interact with each other. We are truly blessed and so honored to get so share this amazing journey with you two and can’t wait for your big day!


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