Cody + Courtnee Crispe | Cielo at Castle Pines Wedding Photographer

Once in a while, you not only meet a couple that was meant to be together, but entire families that were meant to be. Courtnee and Cody met in high school Spanish class when their relationship began. From there, the courting continued for years and on Saturday, these two love birds finally said, “We do!” After spending the day with their families, it was clear that they were surrounded by the utmost love, support, and encouragement from parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. Mr. & Mrs. Crispe, thank you so much for having us be a part of your beautiful wedding day. We are absolutely floored by the amount of love that was displayed at your wedding and wish you two the best on your journey of marriage! Enjoy your memories!

The Fishers

Wedding rings on diamond plate Bride's shoes Cielo at Castle Pines fall wedding, inside looking out Outside wedding ceremony at Cielo at Castle Pines Bride's dress hanging in doorway CrispeBlog06 CrispeBlog07 Courtnee getting ready for her wedding Cielo at Castle Pines bride getting ready Mothers of the bride and groom Bride with bridesmaids at Cielo Groom Cody Crispe getting a gift from his bride CrispeBlog13 Hydrangeas at Cielo at Castle Pines wedding CrispeBlog15 CrispeBlog16 CrispeBlog17 CrispeBlog18 CrispeBlog19 CrispeBlog20 CrispeBlog21 CrispeBlog22 CrispeBlog23 Groom Cody Crispe waiting for his wedding at Cielo at Castle Pines CrispeBlog25 Bride Courtnee Crispe at her wedding at Cielo at Castle Pines Mother of the bride gift of illustrated dress Mother of the groom putting on handmade veil for bride CrispeBlog29 CrispeBlog30 CrispeBlog31 Cielo wedding ceremony at Castle PinesCrispeBlog33 Bride walking to wedding ceremony at Cielo at Castle Pines CrispeBlog35 Groom hugging dad at alter Father of the bride and bride walking down aisle Groom first look CrispeBlog39 Dad giving his daughter away CrispeBlog41 CrispeBlog42 CrispeBlog43 Mother of the bride and guests at wedding at Cielo at Castle Pines Cielo at Castle Pines wedding at sunset Cody and Courtnee Crisp signing marriage license at Colorado fall wedding CrispeBlog47 CrispeBlog48 CrispeBlog49 CrispeBlog50 Bride and groom first kiss CrispeBlog52 CrispeBlog53Brother and sister of bride and groom at Cielo at Castle Pines wedding CrispeBlog55 Bridal party at Cielo at Castle Pines wedding Off camera flash OCF bride and groom at Cielo wedding CrispeBlog59 CrispeBlog58 CrispeBlog60 CrispeBlog61 CrispeBlog62 CrispeBlog63 CrispeBlog64 CrispeBlog65 CrispeBlog66 Night shot of Cielo at Castle Pines Colorado wedding CrispeBlog68 The last dance outside Cielo at Castle Pines wedding