Caroline | Evergreen High School – Colorado Senior Portrait Photographer

Maxwell Falls, Conifer, Colorado  |  Usually, when I start out a photo shoot, I have to give some guidance, especially to women. I don’t know about you all, but when I’m in front of a camera, I don’t know how to pose. I know that I’ve studied it immensely and know what I should look like (should being key word!) but I need serious orders and someone telling me what to do. Sometimes, I think “I should teach a class on posing and how to prepare for a photo shoot”, but now I’ve decided that if I do go that route, Caroline will be teaching the class for me!

While most people struggle with getting comfortable in front of the camera, Caroline had very little hesitation! Her intense stare, natural ease, and ability to create stunning shots by just being comfortable, blew me away! Seriously, I just quit talking halfway through the shoot and let her do what she wanted because every look and every pose was absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t have gotten her to prepare for those shots if I tried.

I learned that Caroline wants to attend a one of the collegiate colleges and study international relations (my field, believe it or not!). In all honestly, Caroline, if things don’t work out in that area, you could definitely pick up a career in modeling! Enjoy your senior year!


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CarolineFrame05 CarolineFrame10 CarolineFrame13CarolineFrame06Caroline senior photo shoot at Maxwell Falls, Conifer, Colorado CarolineFrame11