Breckenridge Colorado Family Photographer | The Greeno Family

Breckenridge Colorado family photographer in the mountains

Breckenridge Colorado Family Photographer | The Greeno Family

As a Breckenridge Colorado family photographer, we get to watch our former couples go from two, to three. Husband and wife to mom and dad. Wedding day to walking around singing the best nursery rhymes they know to keep their son distracted. This is such an honor. Being a photographer gives us such an intimate view into peoples lives, and we don’t take that honor lightly. When we met Cortney and Matt back in 2014, we knew we wanted to be apart of their WEDDING DAY the following year.

Their spring wedding was one that was just saturated with personality and touches so unique to them. From their engagement shoot at a brewery in downtown Golden, Colorado, they kept the brews theme alive at their big day. When we heard that they were expecting a son, we were just so excited! Knowing that they were embarking on a new journey in their marriage was so exciting! Also, knowing they return to Colorado from the midwest for family vacations had us on their radar for family photos. Despite the freezing temperatures and painful wind, we met up just outside of Breck for their first family photoshoot!

Honestly, one would assume little man Huxley was a Colorado native. The way he held his own through the cold and wind was champion worthy! Getting to watch Cortney and Matt blissfully filling their roles as “mom” and “dad” was insanely awesome to see! While exploring our little spot in the Rocky Mountains, I got to hear about how parenthood was going and what they’d been up to since beginning their marriage over two years ago. The only thing that would have made this shoot better, would have been to have their bulldog, Barley, there with us!


Breckenridge Colorado family photographer in the mountains Breckenridge Colorado family photographer in the mountains Breckenridge Colorado family photographer in the mountains Breckenridge Colorado family photographer in the mountains

18 Comments to “ Breckenridge Colorado Family Photographer | The Greeno Family”

  1. Ardita K says :

    These are so beautiful and little Huxley is so darn adorable with those blue eyes and that red little nose… what a trooper… 🙂 they are certainly going to love their photos from their Breckenridge photo shoot… 🙂

  2. Love! These family photos are beyond precious! Breckenridge is such a perfect place to have a photo shoot!

  3. Oh Taylor! I’ve been following your beautiful work in Colorado for a while. I just love every session of yours. You are such a wonderful photographer and capture people and Colorado so beautifully.

  4. fran says :

    what an incredible backdrop for this family! such an incredible place! they are really cute and will treasure these images no doubt!

  5. Aida says :

    What an adorable family. Looks like you had fun taking these pics in Colorado. You are such an awesome photographer!

  6. Alyssa Bouma says :

    these colorado family photos are just perfect! being an east coast girl and can’t even imagine having a backdrop like that! you captured such a great personality in their little one. so cute!

  7. Hilary says :

    Oh my goodness! That little guy is just so handsome! I really wish I was a Colorado photographer, y’all have such awesome locations. Great session!

  8. Amina says :

    You Colorado photographers have it made! I love how epic the mountains are and how they perfectly frame this family! Way too good!

  9. sarah says :

    ohhh sweetness.. that little baby! I really love this location, Breckenridge is the perfect place for this family photo shoot!

  10. Meghan says :

    How special to see these Colorado families grow and be able to document this through your beautiful photography! Beautiful location and such a sweet little guy! Love the photo with the blanket — too cute!

  11. Emily Moore says :

    The images from this session turned out amazing! I love that backdrop, and this family is just adorable! I especially love the one of Matt kissing Huxley on the cheek — Huxley’s face is just priceless! Also — Huxley has the bluest eyes ever!! <3

  12. Lacey fincher says :

    What beautiful photos! Those Brekenridge mountains are the best backdrop ever! I would have never guessed it was cold, their little boy looks so happy and comfortable!

  13. Sunshine Lump says :

    These are beautiful!! Perfect Colorado location!

  14. Nicola says :

    This spot in Colorado looks so magical! I love the snowy trees, and the lake…. it’s all just perfect. Little Huxley looks like he got through their family photo session like a champ! What a sweetie. It’s no wonder a Breckenridge photo shoot is on Cortney and Matt’s radar when they come back to visit family!

  15. Deb B. says :

    You captured these three perfectly! The backdrop is absolutely amazing. Such a gift to be able to be a Colorado photographer with that kind of canvas to work with. But what is even more beautiful, is the fact that you were able to capture all the milestones from their marriage and as their family grew.

  16. Cori says :

    OMG those eyes and that outfit kills me! I am so excited that you are going to be my Colorado photographer. You did an incredible job on this Breckenridge Family shoot

  17. Surekha says :

    omg! Such adorable pictures. That little guy is so handsome and his outfit is dope. You did a beautiful job capturing this pictures

  18. Jackie says :

    They are so adorable! And what an amazing location you had to work with!