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Groom carrying bride at their wedding at Arrowhead Golf Club

When your friends and family don’t hesitate to crack a joke and comment on how long you’ve been together as a couple, you know it’s been a while. However, we knew from the first time we met with them they were an amazing and genuine couple who deserved nothing short of the best. When Arty was telling us the story of how he proposed, our jaws were literally hurting from laughing so hard! And Nicole may be one of the sweetest people alive. After putting on her wedding dress she looked at all her girlfriends and said, “Do you think he’ll like it?” And while practicing her vows, she had the biggest cheese on her face. If any couple was meant to be together, it’s these two. Thank you so much, Mr. & Mrs. Mar for having us there for your wedding day! You are truly an inspiring coupe with some of the biggest hearts we’ve seen!


Arty + Nicole’s First Look Interview

What are your thoughts about your experience with the first look?

I could rant and rave about the first look. I felt like the experience was perfect for Arty and I. We were both apprehensive about being the center of attention the entire day so this gave us time to be together, have a few drinks, and relax. I wouldn’t have done it any other way, it was truly the most memorable part of our whole day. We had so much fun cruising around in golf carts; just him and I! Then, we’d stop at beautiful scenic places and you’d [Taylor] capture a picture of us truly happy, it was great!

How do you feel it changed, if at all, your walk down the aisle?

Since you spend the entire day (and night before) apart, I felt like we needed to connect before we were in front of everyone. I feel that the energy walking down the aisle changed from being nervous to pure bliss!!

Did your family conflict with your decision to do a first look?

I think people that appreciate tradition may have had a hard time understanding the concept, but I feel like you do so much on your wedding day to please everyone else that this was something we knew we wanted.

What made it special?
One of the best memories of that day was the first look. The sun was shining, I felt amazing, and I got to sneak up on Arty!! We were quickly offered a stiff cocktail and were given our own golf cart. When we sat in the golf cart we laughed, teased each other, and toasted one another. It gave us time to be ourselves and live in the moment.
Do you feel it made a difference in your photos?

I couldn’t have imagined taking photos after the ceremony, I had a hard enough time taking all the family photos! I also felt like it captured more of our excitement.

If you had to do it all over again, would you?


Aside from the first look, do you feel like you had much time to yourselves on your wedding day?
The night before the wedding I spent with my best girlfriends, the day of the wedding I spent getting ready, but the first look is the one time we got to spend time as a couple.

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