Every time you pack up your gear a flood of fear overcomes you. 

Your palms get sweaty and you immediately scroll through a few Pinterest photos to get inspired. 

Despite your limited efforts, you know you’re going to be a space case as soon as your couple shows up.


let me guess


But it goes

than that, doesn't it?

The fear of inconsistency in your posing, the terror of not receiving referrals or convincing, heartfelt reviews. The horror of appearing incompetent or worse…just copying what other photographers are doing and being viewed as a fraud. You feel creatively stuck and occasionally uninspired. You crave candid moments but don’t know how to make them happen in an organic way.

Say no more, you're in my brain!


are you ready


1. Confidently showing up to every session with an exact formula of how to properly pose your couples?

2. If you had a library of prompts that encouraged your couples to authentically show up for your camera, no matter how reserved?

3. What it would mean if you knew how to create such an unforgettable sessions that you could finally raise your prices and charge your worth?
4. How different you would feel to build the most unique and authentic session experience that resulted in referrals and more bookings?

5. What it would feel like to have your very own show-stopping posing ideas and knew exactly which lenses to use for every situation?

6. How much confidence would you have if you knew exactly how to evoke the emotion you want in front of the camera?

let's go, I'm in!

imagine this...

The Not-So-Awkward Guide to Posing Couples



“What I love most about this course is that the techniques feel so genuine-not just another cookie-cutter approach to couples shoots.”

love notes

“Taylor’s Not-So-Awkward Guide to Posing Couples is the best resource I’ve come across for couples shoots! The content was so helpful, from posing to verbiage to prompts-there is so much valuable knowledge. This course will definitely level up your sessions with couples, and is even applicable to other types of photo shoots.”


I believe photography goes so far beyond taking photos. We are storytellers at heart and live for authenticity and capturing real love stories.


time to

And my job is to get you there!

I‘m Taylor. I’m a photographer, educator, and business coach. I’m also a wife, a proud mama to two little boys, and I spend my mornings sipping coffee with eight alpacas outside my back door. But no matter how I attempt to define myself, one of the greatest joys in my life is helping fellow women define and discover themselves, and to help guide their photographic calling in life. 

For the past decade, I’ve had the honor of spending thousands of hours behind the camera, capturing love stories, photographing over 300 weddings, and witnessing genuine happiness. Leaving behind a corporate career, this calling in life has allowed me to live the life of my choosing. It has given me the freedom to provide for my family while giving me the time to be present with them. To get paid to travel the world. To work when I want. To spend time outdoors. To practice yoga. To watch my boys grow. To embrace this life.

However, your couples don’t know how to show up for you.

They don’t know that you have to create candid moments, they don’t just happen.

They don’t know how to stand, where to shift their hips, and definitely don’t know what to do with their hands.

They don’t yet know that they can trust you.

This, my friend, is your job.

I’m here to to teach you all my secrets to creating an unforgettable photo shoot and growing your business to new heights.

hint: this is the easy button!

“This posing course was amazing! I knew I’d be learning about posing couples and I assumed we would just get a bunch of poses to use, but it was so much more than that.”

love notes

“Taylor starts from the beginning, how our bodies are structured and everything that can/should bend. She goes section by section explaining in detail each part of how our bodies can move and the expressions/emotions that each movement or pose portrays. You’re not just getting a ton of poses to memorize (although she gives you literally 100 to try out!) you’re learning the basics so you can actually understand how the body moves and how to move it to make the poses work for you and your couple! It’s so hard to just memorize prompts and poses but going through this course and learning everything has made me think about posing in an entirely different way that I can finally remember. I can’t wait to try out everything I learned with my next couple!”

-Valerie Rae

The first two lessons in our journey together will be dedicated to learning how to build trust with your couples before they’re ever in front of your camera. Discovering how preparation, opening the lines of communication, and establishing a rapport with your couple before you ever meet sets the foundation for a safe space where they can truly be themselves and show up for you.

stage one

Establishing trust before your photo shoot allows your couples to show up for your camera confidently and as their truest selves. 

Building trust

It’s in this module that I’ll share what to do, and more importantly, what not to do before and at your sessions that help build a solid foundation and true relationship with your couples.

Building on the foundation we laid Stage 1, our emphasis on posing and using prompts will go far beyond calling out commands. You’ll be handed the tools you desperately want that will teach you how to properly pose two people via weight distribution, understanding body placement and spine posture, as well as how to guide the collarbone and eyes to evoke different emotions. Mastering this ultimately leads to your expertise and building the confidence of your couples.

Once we’ve covered every section of the body, we’ll move into how to properly and effectively use prompts that allow you to truly tell your couples story, inviting them to open up for you and your camera in a real and sincere way. You’ll have the exact roadmap for a stellar session flow that I use at every shoot so you won’t at any point be wondering “What do I do next?” 

stage two

Why will people come back to you for years to support your business and refer you to all their friends and family? Because you will have made them feel seen, heard, and of course, captured beautifully and with the utmost confidence in how they look.


In this module you’ll learn my favorite go-to poses that I use at every single shoot, how to properly use them and make them your own, and you can rest assured that I’ll be sharing my favorite lenses to use to evoke different feelings in the same moment. 

Our final module in our journey together will be an invitation to come behind the scenes to a photo shoot with yours truly. I’ll take you on a couples portrait session with me and share with you how I rock my photo shoots. I’ll be sharing video of how I setup shots, what posing tips I gave my couple, how I posed them, what prompts I used at what times, and the final shot that they received. 

This will arguably be the most fun module because you get to see everything from the couples perspective and watch their confidence unfold as we build that bond built on trust.

bonus video

Coming behind-the-scenes with me will give you a real understanding into what it looks like to educate your couples, build a solid foundation of trust, and how to properly execute posing and the use of prompts. 


Behind the scenes video

Module 3 is an open invitation to come with me to a couples portrait session. I narrarate the entire session, explaning my session flow, which prompts I used, how I used them, and the final images.

57 fool proof prompts for couples

That's right, you're going to receive 57 of my favorite, go-to prompts that I use when working with my couples. You'll not only get this list, but you'll also know exactly how to use them to evoke the emotion you want!

become a posing expert

You can consider yourself a master of posing at the end of this course! You'll know how to properly distribute weight, how to make your couples look slimmer, how to accent their best attributes, and what to do with their arms, joints, hands, eyes, chin, collarbone...and every other body part!

My favorite go-to poses for couples

You'll be ready to craft your own unique version of your session with my top 6 go-to poses that I use at every single session and wedding. You'll learn variations on how and when to properly use them.

The not-so-awkward-guide to


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