The Barn at Sunset Ranch Wedding Photos | Kathleen and Will | Buena Vista, Colorado

The Barn at Sunset Ranch Wedding Photos | Kathleen and Will | Buena Vista, Colorado

If I’ve said it once, I’ll  say it again…we live in the most beautiful place in the world! So it’s so surprise that when world travelers Kat and Will were deciding where to have their mountain wedding, they spontaneously ended up in Buena Vista, Colorado at the Barn at Sunset Ranch. What started as a hunt in Summit county ended in our beautiful valley. When we first met Will and Kathleen, their passion for traveling and adventure (plus their sense of humor…#kathehir) tugged at our heartstrings and we were elated for the opportunity to work with them on their big day! Kat’s vintage style and worldly approach to their wedding was perfectly paired with the stunning 14er views the Barn had to offer at their fall wedding.

We love you guys and are so thrilled to  have been there with you as you started your biggest adventure of all…marriage! Thank you!
Mike & Tay


The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will


The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will ceremony


The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will ceremony

The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will bridesmaids

The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will groomsmen


The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will bridal party

The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will

The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will with Mount Princeton

Bride and groom at The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding with Mount Princeton

The Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding Kat and Will


Wedding reception at the Barn at Sunset Ranch wedding


How did the two of you meet?

“We met through the dating app, Hinge.”

Tell us about your first date!

“The first night we decided to meet up I was out with friends and so was Will so we got together as a group which took the pressure off as a first date! When Will first sat down I was squished in the corner of a booth and my cousin was actually sitting between us, we eventually changed seats. We then went on our real first date the next week at Denver Central Market where the magic really started as we gushed over our love of food and ceviche. We ended the night at Nocturne Jazz afterward and the rest is history.”

Will, how did you propose?

“It was early October 2018 and we wanted to get one more hike in before winter and a chance to see the fall leaves one more time. We were leaving for our trip to The Netherlands that Sunday and I knew I didn’t want to travel with the ring in my pocket. We took our pup, Finney with us on the hike and went up Guenella Pass to find a good spot. The place I had in mind was a bit too snowy so we decided to get back in the car and look for a different area. We found a trail right off the road and started to head in. It was a beautiful aspen grove along a river. I started to scope out a good spot and saw a little opening by the river. I suggested we try and take a family photo and worked to set up my phone’s timer on my backpack, instead of setting the timer I turned the video on. Kat was standing by the river with Finney and I went over to join and instead got down on one knee. Kat said yes and I got the whole thing on video! We had a teary-eyed walk back to the car and saw a deer about 10 ft away which we took as a good omen. The best part was we got to go on vacation the next day and celebrate!”

How did you guys choose to host your wedding at the Barn at Sunset Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado?

“We went for a drive up to Summit County to take a look around at a few places, none were quite fitting what we were looking for. We were feeling a bit defeated and remembered someone saying at a party we were at that their friends got married in Buena Vista at The Barn at Sunset Ranch. Kat decided to call and see if we could possibly stop by that day. Luckily, Jayme is such a sweetheart and said “of course! come on by!”. We drove from Breckenridge and as soon as we got to The Barn we were both grinning from ear to ear. We knew pretty quickly this was the spot for us.”

What was the most fun part of wedding planning for you?

“I really enjoyed putting the website, save the dates, and invitations together! I’m pretty good with technology and I love any chance to be creative so it was really fun to create themes, make it all look beautiful and then share it with our loved ones!”

Tell us about your first look! Having done one, would you do it again?

“Yes! The first look was a wonderful peaceful moment away for just us that day. Our photographers found an incredible spot among the aspens that just added the touch of fall we were looking for in our photos too.”

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day?

“At the end of our ceremony we had a trumpet player play our recessional and it was so fun to dance back down the aisle and know we were now married! It was time for the celebrations to begin and the pure joy of that moment filled our hearts.”

What are you most looking forward to in marriage?

“The partnership and tackling some of life’s biggest challenges together and knowing we’ll always have each other’s backs. I feel so lucky to have found someone as solid as Will and I know he feels the same about me.”

If you could pick one word to describe your wedding ceremony, what would it be and why?

“Gezellig! It’s the Dutch word for cozy and a feeling of connection shared between individuals that gives a warm, fuzzy feeling.”

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?

“Enjoy every moment of it! Use your resources for support and trust!”
VENDORS at The Barn at Sunset Ranch Wedding
Flowers: Rancho Verde
Videographer: Sarah Stip
Rentals: Settings Event Rental
Bartending: BASH
DJ: TH Entertainment
Ceremony Music: Noelle Hogan and Friends
Officiant: Jack Highberger
Hair and Makeup: Face of Makeup
Caterer and Cake: Kalamatapit Catering
Coordinator: Knot Just Another Wedding
Wedding Transportation: Dvorak Rafting
Alcohol:  Total Wine Beverage