Mount princeton hot springs winter wedding photos of jackie and bryan

Okay, I’m just going to say it…can we ALWAYS shoot winter weddings? I mean, come on, folks! How can you not want to get married on the snowiest day of the year at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort after seeing these photos? Lucky for us, Mount Princeton is practically our backyard, so we were absolutely thrilled to shoot Jackie and Bryan’s wedding day for them just a few days after Christmas and less than three weeks after having our little boy. The magic of their big day was unmatched and we were so honored to work with them and alongside some of our favorite vendors. A huge thanks to Avery with Paper Posey Photography who second shoot with us to help me through those first postpartum weeks after pregnancy. Congratulations, Jackie and Bryan! Cheers, Taylor and Mike (and Avery) Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort winter wedding Jackie and Bryan Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort winter wedding Jackie and Bryan with dogs Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort winter wedding Jackie and Bryan Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort winter wedding Jackie and Bryan  
How did the two of you meet? “Through the Tinder App.”
Tell us about your first date!
“I told Bryan I wanted to go to a Casula restaurant. We met up on Veterans Day and Bryan wanted to take me to Apple Bee’s for our first day for his veterans discount 😉 haha but I told him I did not want to go to Apple Bee’s. We went to Fong’s Pizza, a pizza place in Iowa that puts asian food on pizza. We also got some Tikki Drinks which were yummy!”
How did Brian propose?
“We went to Medford Oregon for a job interview and we went on a hike (Mikes View Point) and at the top he proposed to me!”
How did you guys choose to have your wedding at Mount Princeton Hot Springs?
“I Googled “Colorado weddings” because Bryan LOVED Colorado when he visited last. And Mount Princeton had hot springs, too!”
What was the most fun part of wedding planning for you?
“Picking music.”
Tell us about your first look!
“100% would do it again. It was a great way to have a private moment together. Plus got the jitters out.”
What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day?
“Our vows.”
What are you most looking forward to in marriage?
“Just the overall adventure of being together, traveling, and starting our family.”
If you could pick one word to describe your wedding ceremony, what would it be and why?
“Love. I think once it came down to it all I was just happy to be in the moment with Bryan and I just focused on that feeling and the love Bryan and I share for one another.”
What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?
“Remember that no matter what you do the wedding will not be “perfect”. Just enjoy every second of the day and don’t focus on the little “mistakes”. Because I know my wedding wasn’t “perfect” but I wouldn’t change a thing. I was glad that I just didn’t get caught up in anything that went wrong and just had fun!”
Mount Princeton Hot Springs Wedding Vendors
Dessert: The Dessert Stand Flowers: Rancho Verde Flowers Photography: Taylor Jones Photography Hair and Makeup: Face of Make up Videography: Hickory Grove Pictures Venue: Mount Princeton Hot Springs