Moab Utah Photography | Arches National Park

Moab Utah Photographer | Smith Family at Arches National Park

Moab Utah Photographer | Smith Family at Arches National Park

Every year, Mike and I make a few trips out to Moab, Utah. We’ve both said that if we couldn’t live in the mountains, our hearts would belong in the desert. There’s just something about the desert. It never changes. There aren’t trees to cut down. No one really wants to build homes there. And the colors are never changing. Because of this, we’ve been waiting to shoot as a Moab Utah photographer for quite a while now. We’re so excited to be expanding our photography sessions to Utah this year.

With a little help from Instagram and Moab Utah photographer hashtags…

we met Angela and her family. Angela is a fellow photographer and we were so excited when we go the opportunity to shoot them! We wanted the “iconic” Moab scene, essentially red rocks and desert. Immediately, we all decided the Arches National Park was the best option for everyone! With incredible backdrops, stunning sunset colors, and an easy parking lot for everyone to get to, it was a no-brainer.

From the moment we met the Hays family, we all totally hit it off! Angela and her husband have four sweet girls. One of them was only 3 weeks old! (And doesn’t mama look amazing?!) Despite some cold temperatures and windy weather, we had a blast with this awesome family. Normally, we know that with kiddo’s, our time is limited between patience and weather. So, we have to work swiftly, but keep it fun! I (Taylor) like to fancy myself a pretty animated person, so working with kids and keeping their attention has always been a fun challenge for me. Farting noises, talk of boogers, and challenging kids to give the best bear hug are all fun elements we like to bring to our family sessions.

Thank you so much to the Hays family for spending some time with us shooting! Y’all are awesome and we can’t wait to see you on our next trip to Moab!
Taylor and Mike

10 Comments to “ Moab Utah Photographer | Smith Family at Arches National Park”

  1. Quinn Barlow says :

    These are crazy gorgeous! I love the eskimo kiss photo! If ever I’m in Moab, I’ll definitely hire you for some family photos!

  2. Amrita says :

    I’ve always wanted to visit Utah! Moab looks like a beautiful place! And seriously, mama looks great for having a 3 week old! Great family photos!

  3. Laura P says :

    4 kiddos, these guys have got to be tired – LOL. What an adorable family portrait session in Utah. I love the landscapes in Moab. As a destination photographer, what did you think of the area? Would you go back?

  4. Elyse says :

    Wow what a stunning location! Moab Utah is definitely on my bucket list now! I’m a mountain girl myself however LOVE the heat and cannot wait to go there one day!

  5. Kara says :

    Oh my goodness you did such a beautiful job! Moab looks lovely! If I ever need a Moab photographer or a destination photographer in Utah I’ll definitely be in touch. And I agree – I have to live in the mountains, but the desert doesn’t look like a bad second option!

  6. Ressa says :

    You are such a talented destination wedding photographer! The location and clients make this photoshoot picture perfect!

  7. Ressa says :

    You are such a talented destination photographer! The location and clients make this photoshoot picture perfect!

  8. Stephanie says :

    There is something dreamy about the desert. Moab looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s wonderful you get to experience so many beautiful settings as a destination photographer.

  9. Jennifer M Outlaw says :

    What an adorable family session. Arches Nation Park in Moab is a gorgeous location for a shoot. You did such a great job capturing their fun personalities in the images. They will cherish these memories forever. You are an amazing Moab photographer.

  10. Katie Kelly says :

    These Moab photos are absolutely breathtaking! The background doesn’t look real.