You guys, I’m so stoked to share this 2020 elopement with you! The first time I chatted with Anna and Anthony, I knew they were talking with other photographers. I tried to play it cool, but I secretly REALLY wanted to be the lucky duck to captured their wedding day.

Fast forward a few months and we were all together at the top of Independence Pass capturing their amazing engagement shoot.  Now, fast forward another few months and the COVID-19 pandemic started making things get really real really fast for all of our couples. Anna and Anthony were the first of our 32 couples for 2020 to take action and make plans for their longly awaited (8 years in fact), wedding day.

Anna and I talked on the phone about their options, and they had already made up their mind to elope with their immediate family and needed some location ideas. They loved the idea of being in the mountains, so we immediately started replanning their intimate ceremony at Sapphire Point. As luck would have it, the A-Team was notified just weeks before their wedding day that Sapphire Point was shutting down to all visitors and events. Back to the drawing board!

I suggested Lake Dillon in Frisco, Colorado, not far from Sapphire Point, to the A-Team and they were immediately on it, out doing scouting in search for the perfect beach front location for their vows. And the perfect spot they found!

Anthony’s father married these two while their sweet mama’s cried in the front row alongside their siblings. Everything about this perfect ceremony made me cry and feel outrageously honored to be one of only seven guests to celebrate this time with them. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Will! Y’all are on track to having one of the most adventurous, strong, and beautiful marriages!


Tell us about your proposal!

We were on vacation in Switzerland, and one of the main things I wanted to do was to take a helicopter ride through the Alps. Anthony really didn’t like this plan, but went with it because he knew it was something I wanted to do. When the helicopter landed on top of a mountain overlooking the famous Matterhorn, Anthony got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. There are a lot of nuances to this and Anthony did a lot of planning behind the scenes for the moment to happen, however I thought he was just so happy that we survived the helicopter ride that he was proposing without a ring.

We know you went through a crazy time trying to find your venue! How did you ultimately end up at Lake Dillon?

Taylor actually suggested quite a few spots for us in the mountains once our original plan was cancelled due to covid. We actually chose Sapphire Point at first that overlooks Lake Dillon. However, once again, due to covid, Sapphire point was closed. So, discouraged Anthony and I started driving around Dillon and happened to come upon a path off the main road that led to the beach. We decided that a mountain beach wedding would be perfect!

What was your favorite part of your Colorado elopement?

We were very grateful that our immediate family members from outside Colorado were able to come. They mean the world to us and we couldn’t have gotten married without them there.

COVID-19 sure threw you and lots of other couples for an emotional rollercoaster! What made you decide on an intimate Colorado elopement?

Anthony and I have been together for over 8 years, engaged for 14 months and really looking forward to getting married. We still wanted to be married on our original date, so we planned our intimate wedding and made the best of the situation.

What was your most memorable moment from your elopement ceremony?

When we first saw each other up close at the end of the aisle. We were so excited, and Anthony picked me up and gave me a huge hug. We were both just so happy!

What are you most looking forward to in marriage?

Continuing to grow together as we have over the past 8 years. We both are very goal oriented and believe that striving to be the best version for ourselves for each other is the main goal. We view marriage as a way to solidify our love and future, and are just happy to be married and together.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding now?

Expect the unexpected and be flexible. Planning a wedding during COVID is full of unknowns and that can be really hard.

Is there anything else you want to share about your journey or advice?

We are very happy we went forward with getting married, even if the original wedding vision had to change drastically. We think our wedding was “imperfectly” perfect, and know it will be a memory that is passed down for generations.