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Buena Vista engagement photos at Mount Princeton

Buena Vista Colorado Photographer

I (Tay) was far from where we’d shoot this Buena Vista engagement shoot, sitting at a coffee shop in Moab, Utah, when I received our first e-mail from Laura and Tyler. Off the bat, I could tell they were a passionate and sentimental couple. I did something I rarely do…I called them, right off the bat! Like, within moments of them hitting the “SUBMIT” button on our contact form. No playing hard to get here!

From our first conversation with the two of them, I was sold! Mike wasn’t with me when I hastily called them, but I couldn’t stop telling him all about them when I got back to our campsite. Indeed, my inclination that these two were passionate and sentimental people about hit the nail on the head. Having met online (just like we did), these two were actively looking for each other. And, what a better first date than AXE THROWING! I mean, come on…does Tyler know the way to a gals heart or what?

Speaking of knowing the way to a gals heart, wait until you read about their proposal (below)! Let me just say, in includes RTD, a cop, and a citation!

During their entire engagement shoot in Buena Vista, Laura couldn’t stop staring at her man, giggling at everything he said. Her sweet and calm spirit perfectly matched Tylers fun loving and spontaneous heart. We truly could not be more excited about their upcoming Mount Princeton Hot Springs wedding this summer. Read more about their love story below!

Love, Mike and Tay

How did the two of you meet?
“We first connected online at Match.com.”

Tell us about your first date!
“Yes, it was memorable. We went axe throwing at DAGAR (Downtown Art Gallery and Axe Room). Our team name was Let Love Rule. We learned a lot about throwing axes and about each other that night.”

Tyler, how did you ask Laura to marry you?
“I decided to go back to the source of the place that we first met face to face on our first date: The Southmoore RTD light rail station. I wanted her to be forced to get off the train when she was least suspecting it and get off the train (against her wishes/unaware of my plans). I set it up with the RTD so that she would be approached by a train cop while on the train to what she thought would be a trivia night with her mother, and two close friends where she thought that I would meet them 3 stops north of the Southmoor station.

Instead, since each member of her party except her all qualified for senior citizen passes and I arranged with them that she wouldn’t have one when the officer asked her to present her paid fare/pass. When he asked she was left without one while all the others had theirs. She was mortified. She is not a rule breaker at all and would ALWAYS have a fare, but she had been set up. She was told that there is zero tolerance and she would receive a $90 citation and she could pay it or she would have to appear in court. Then he asked her to get off at the Southmoore station where I was waiting and told she would have to go buy a ticket before she could get back on the train.

She didn’t see me at first because she was so intent on righting the wrong, but when she saw me, I think she got the picture that she had been had. She said “yes” and then there was about 40-ish of our friends waiting a few hundred yards away at a Chili’s that I had assembled a small surprise party for her to commemorate the event and allow our friends who hadn’t met yet an opportunity to do so and to meet Laura’s mother Shirley who happened to be there to witness all of this, which for me made it all the more special.

I was going for a memorable moment. I am pretty certain she will not soon forget it, nor will anyone else that saw it. A small video made the news along with a couple of choice pictures along with a fun love story around Denver area news outlets over the course of the next week. We later learned it was “National Proposal Day” on March 20th as well as the first day of Spring so March 20, 2019 will not soon be forgotten.”

What has been the most fun part of wedding planning for you?
Tyler: “Getting to help make Laura’s dream wedding come true. My dream wedding is to marry her. We are loving Mt. Princeton and we are just having fun with the process and trying to plan a unique and memorable wedding that will be fun for all- especially us!”

Laura: “Learning more about each other and learning to blend our individual styles to find our style as a couple.”

If you could pick one word to describe your favorite quirk about the other, what would it be and why?
Tyler: “My favorite part about Laura is her discipline and her heart.”
Laura: “My favorite part about Tyler is his joie de vivre. He has a joy of living for sure. He likes to make everything memorable and lives life large. He is making the most of his one wild and precious life.”

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?
“Being surrounded by friends and loved ones and marrying the one who our soul loves.”

Buena Vista engagement shoot at the river
Buena Vista engagement photos at Mount Princeton
Buena Vista engagement photos at Mount Princeton
Buena Vista engagement photos at Mount Princeton
Buena Vista engagement photos at tunnels
Buena Vista engagement photos at railroad tracks and tunnels
Buena Vista engagement photos at tunnels and train tracks
Buena Vista engagement photos at Mount Princeton