Buena Vista Colorado Elopement Photographer | Elektra and Dmitri

Nestled at the base of several 14,000 foot peaks in the mountains of Colorado, we welcomed Elektra and Dmitri (and their families) with open arms to the land we’re so grateful to call home. The couple originally booked their portrait shoot at our ranch for early 2020, but because of COVID, they had to postpone their trip back to Colorado. 

Elektra’s stepdad is the one who set the couple up. They were out to dinner at a local Salida restaurant, and Dmitri was their waiter. Elektra’s stepdad started talking to Dmitri, really liked him, and set him up with her number. Dmitri ended up calling her and now they’re married!! 

Dmitri is in the Army. On a magical Christmas leave, he came home and proposed to Elektra. They were married soon after, forced to hurry through the process because of his Army orders. 

The photoshoot was originally just for the two of them, but then their families were able to join also. Elektra revealed to me that since they got married earlier in the year kind of quickly, Dmitri had never seen her in her wedding dress. So, she asked to do a first look in her dress at our ranch. I was thrilled we could provide this moment for the two of them! Then, it turned into Dmitri wearing his suit, their families getting dressed up and attending also, and I thought we were going to end up having a wedding on our property too! Ha! 

Truly, they just wanted pictures of the families all together and the two of them dressed up in their wedding attire. They wanted the photos they never got because of their quick courthouse wedding. 

I actually almost cancelled the shoot because it was wildfire season in Colorado. We had been out of town for a few weeks, and as we were driving back home I said “Oh my gosh! You can’t see the mountains at all!” The mountains were totally smoked out. I was about to call Elektra to see if she wanted to go to the river instead or just reschedule, but I’m so glad that I didn’t! It was one of those times that my gut was saying ‘Don’t call her. Just wait and do the photos.’ We ended up having the most amazing photos! The smoke cleared for us and we captured some beautiful mountain views and this insanely stupid sunset with the richest purple and pink colors! It was spectacular!

This portrait session -turned- first look -turned- family photos -turned- almost wedding was so much fun! I’m beyond thrilled we could get the gorgeous mountain backdrop Elektra and Dmitri desired and could capture some photos to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.  

I hope you enjoy the photos below.  Much love,  Tay 

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