Mr. & Mrs. Lucente | Say “We do!”

by tjpnewsite / Sunday, 09 June 2013 / Published in Uncategorized, Weddings

Facebook is a wonderful thing. Especially when it puts you in touch with awesome couples like Cody & Ryan! Cody found me on Facebook before I had even started my business in Colorado. She asked if I’d be able to fly back to West Virginia (my homestate) to shoot her wedding the following year. I was floored! Someone actually wanted me to travel to shoot their wedding?! Awesome!

Within months of getting to know Cody and Ryan, I knew they were a super special couple. They had met in college and had been dating nearly 6 years by the time I had met them. I tell you what though, they had the love and special innocent connection of a high school couple that had been dating for 2 months. They both had a little extra something when they looked at each other or talked about the other person. This was so apparent in the engagement photos and their wedding!

Now, I cry at nearly every wedding I’ve ever been to. But this wedding, I was sobbing. As in, afraid I was going to ruin my camera equipment from water damage sobbing. From the time Cody got her letter from Ryan, to their first kiss, to their first dance, I was queen of the waterworks. I can’t even explain why, it was just the love that they share for each other that was emitting all day long that had every woman in tears.

Nothing makes me love my job more than seeing the unconditional love and adoration between two people like Cody and Ryan. Their wedding day was absolutely elegant, perfect, and emotional. I pray to continually work with couples that share the love that these two do for each other! Thank you, Cody and Ryan, for bringing me to be a part of such a beautiful day!